Cat slave random blanket custom illustration cat quilt blanket birthday gift Valentine's day gift

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As long as you provide photos of cats (up to 5 cats at the same time), custom-draw 1-5 cats and optional 1-8 accessory illustrations, you can get an exclusive cat slave blanket! 200×150 cm plush fabric blanket (finished), 4 kinds of background colors are optional.



Cat slave random blanket custom illustration cat quilt blanket birthday gift Valentine's day gift


※If Hong Kong needs to deliver to the residence, SF Express will charge extra fees! __After placing the order, please contact customer service as soon as possible, provide photos and composition ideas, we can process your order.__ __It is recommended to join the official FB fan group "Chidai Beast", which will speed up the response and processing speed of customer service!__ / / **// The cat slave's exclusive customized free blanket //** Maybe the weather is not cold yet, but the air-conditioned room is really dry and cold. If you can have a soft blanket, it will be very comfortable to sleep! And if the entire blanket can be a photo of ourselves, it will surely make the minions happy for a long time. After all, we are so noble, lovable, and cute! (Licking hair Fortunately, President Chiyo also agreed~then put on the "Cat Slave Random Blanket"! The 200×150 cm short blanket is suitable for nap blankets, air-conditioning blankets, shawls...The most important thing is that we can customize our patterns on them. **// President Chiyo has an explanation.//** 1. It must be big enough, otherwise it will be cold when you turn over! ! 2. The fabric should not fade too badly, otherwise the president will be allergic! ! 3. Each cat is unique and can only be customized! ! **// Blanket, blanket, want, enough, big //** Our slave is only 157 cm long, so it should be enough if it can be used as a cloak~ The size of 200 cm is enough for us to play on it, after all we are very slim! **// Multiple background color options //** In response to President Chiyo’s taste, four super powerful colors are introduced: **// The pattern is fully customized //** As long as there is a photo of your master, it can be drawn into an illustration version. I don't know what kind of posture is better for the finished product? It is better to refer to the following template! Whether it is the five postures of a master? Or do the five masters in the family have different looks? It's all right! As long as the photo of the cat is provided, President Chiyo will supervise the minion to draw it. **// cross reference //** If your master has a special pattern, remember to emphasize it to the customer service when placing an order! It is best to provide multiple photos for our reference. **// Selection of accessory illustrations //** **// Product details //** Product content/ 200×150 cm plush fabric blanket (finishing treatment) Washing reminder / Do not use bleach, do not dry at high temperature; try to avoid direct sunlight when drying. 1. The color of the product will be different due to the computer screen, the actual color shall prevail; those who mind the color difference, please consider buying. 2. The illustration drawing cannot be exactly the same as the original photo. 3. This product does not provide free modification. If you want to modify, you need to add 200 yuan/time. 4. After placing the bid, please remit money and provide photos and text information as soon as possible so that we can arrange the production for you and avoid delaying your delivery time. 5. If you need to specify a date (within 1 month), you need to make up an rush fee of 500 yuan; the fastest 7 days (excluding holidays) to arrive. 6. For a refund, if the designer has started drawing, he will charge 800 yuan; if the production has been arranged, no refund will be given. 7. We do not accept the return or exchange of goods, return or refund due to personal preference, color difference, etc.; if you have any questions, please consider before placing a bid. 8. This product is a customized product with no seven-day appreciation period. 9. If you need to deliver to the residence in Hong Kong, a logistics fee will be charged. We test the products every time we ship them, and take photos to keep them. The goods you received are defective? ! That must be a shipping package! ! You have to tell us the first time! //Domestic orders// After confirming the defect, please assist in sending the defective part back, and we will re-send the new part. If you request a refund, please still help to return the goods in full (at your own expense); you can refund after confirmation. //Overseas orders// After confirmation, we will re-send the new parts. If it is still damaged by the freight when received, the customer must assist in subsidizing the freight for the second time. If you request a refund, please assist in returning the goods in full (at your own expense). You can refund after confirmation.


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