Dr. Pumpkin large intestine flower hair band (large intestine ring) // Lichun

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/ 24 stories of large intestine / What is the smell of spring breath? I think it is full of pink and tender cherry blossoms # Lichun's tenderness is elegant and calm, and it is a happy and warm smile



Dr. Pumpkin large intestine flower hair band (large intestine ring) // Lichun


/ Story / Every blossom of large intestine flowers is a hope for the realization of dreams. The original intention of inadvertently planting willows has become a splendid flower Use needles and threads to sew by hand and pin the temperature on each flower Wish to receive such a simple emotion, Can get the warmth and walking power from the flowers of the large intestine, take the flowers for me to travel / Size / The circumference is about 13-15cm, the width is about 3 ~ 5cm / Material / Cotton cloth (The material is relatively stiff, and it will look like a flower on the head when tied up, very chic) / Use and maintenance methods / Please gently scrub the surface with clean water, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place until it is completely dry. After washing, it will collapse slightly as normal. Just pull the hair loop left and right and rub it a few times to restore the original fluffiness. / Purchase Notes/ . If you are a young client with soft or thin hair / large amount of hair, please inform us by private letter before placing an order Will be customized according to needs:) (Please also indicate that you want to change the small / large when ordering!) (If you do n’t reply to the private message of pinkoi, go directly to the fan group #Dr. Pumpkin handmade hair accessories will reply you immediately) . Each product is handmade, stitched with one stitch and one thread At the seam, if you pull hard, it will run out of the sewing line . And each screen has color difference, please consider carefully before placing an order / Designer and brand profile / DR I once had a "volunteer" with a scalpel, but why did I go stumbled in mathematics, and went on a different path. But on the needlework woman red, you can get the magic hand that is like a professional authoritative surgeon in the album. In addition to being involved in "volunteering", you can also get the tranquility of self precipitation from one needle and one thread. PUMPKIN This crop is my old-fashioned and rustic granny's favorite food. As long as there is pumpkin harvest in the harvest season, it becomes my little codename for her. These two items are my favorites, so combining them together becomes "Dr. PUMPKIN" Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / Sewing by hand


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