5.5CM small version - small housekeeper key ring KEYRING

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Convenient key ring in a circle with full hand key



5.5CM small version - small housekeeper key ring KEYRING


It is recommended that friends who are not sensitive to size should first feel it with a measuring ruler! So as not to have a gap with the imagination. *"Emergency Order" must first confirm the letter can be shipped within the time limit and then place an order, thank you! Friends group, a large number of custom welcome discussion* Latest version update https://i.imgbox.com/iJn8O6Cq.jpg [related stores] Original large key ring https://www.pinkoi.com/product/15Fvot4T ($180) Upgraded version of the robotic key ring ► https://www.pinkoi.com/product/q6BwlOVG ($229) - Little butler key ring - **A key ring full of old-fashioned sensation, and a conspicuous circle can be found in the bag! No more worrying about finding a key!** Dimensions: Large ring diameter 5.5cm (±0.5cm), small key ring diameter 2.2cm Large ring (fine) can be opened, easy to put in, free to match, comes with 6 small key rings, you can remove the adjustment amount. [Text Description Color Edition] https://i.imgbox.com/jEzhuEI4.jpg ► The bonus pendants are free for all 3:*Can be selected by "Designer" or "Own Yourself"*(Product Photo 3~5) 「 "Optional Charm, Create Your Story": Tell the charm number before the order or the day of the order! Inform: "Contact the designer" or "fill in the notes when placing an order". If the specified charm is not declared for more than the time, it is considered as not specified, and it is shipped by the designer. ・It is recommended to contact us first to avoid the selection of out-of-stock charms! ・If you choose the out-of-stock charm, you will first notify the station letter once, and if you have not responded for more than 3 days, you will be randomly changed! More than 3 pieces of charms need to be "added" (no matter the size of a single 15 yuan) If you want to add more, do not place your order first! Please contact the designer first to determine the content, quantity and total amount of the purchase, and the designer will add a special store to you. There are a small number of slings, some are out of stock, and will not be replenished after the goods are out of stock. "Every time on the new or replenishment, afraid to miss the new information, welcome to pay attention to our fan group! Search: MORIDORI (Figure 3 area) [Couple / girlfriends limited] (The number is "two", one group is not for sale, can be matched with different key rings on the same order) A left / A right | B left / B right Reference note fill in the example: "Z2, constellation 4, letter C" ▲ Note ▲ The charms are single-sided and double-sided. Due to the wide variety of ornaments, if you have special preferences, you can write to understand the order! The size of the product is measured by hand, so there may be a small gap. A little pendant itself is thinner and more detailed. There is one hole in the ps part. The package has a buffer package and will be checked again and again, but there are still some cases. If you collide and break, you should avoid the thinner style or do not place an order. The photo will also have a slight color difference due to the difference between the screen and the shooting light. Please consider accepting the purchase again. Please read the trading policy of the library before placing the order. As the obligation has been fulfilled, the order will be regarded as the consent policy. If you need to send a friend, handwritten small card, welcome to write a letter!


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