【Little Flower Pearl】Natural Earrings Natural Irregular Pearl Brass Flower Material Ear Clip/Ear Hook

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Natural girls are cute and delicate Small pearls and flowers complement each other with a sense of refinement / The pearl end is finished with a twist, showing the exquisiteness of the product The earring itself can also be clipped/hooked


【Little Flower Pearl】Natural Earrings Natural Irregular Pearl Brass Flower Material Ear Clip/Ear Hook


【Crystal Pliers Studio】 The temperature of the design is transmitted through the feel, and the elegance of women belonging to the 20th, 30th, and 40th generation is combined. And the'sense of longing' is the core of the design concept. The designer's definition of vision is conveyed through the concept of sharing. 【About Brass】 The light retro color, no matter how long it is worn, once wiped, The original color can be restored, which is the long-lasting charm of brass. [About natural stone] Every semi-precious stone has a color and size that cannot be replicated. After series connection and design, a unique jewelry [Hand circumference measurement and corresponding length] *Basic hand circumference measurement: The length of the thinnest part of the cloth ruler flat against the wrist is the basic hand circumference. *Corresponding length "Single layer bracelet" Hand circumference +1 cm = just fit Hand circumference + 1.5 cm = moderately comfortable Hand circumference + 2 cm = loose "Double Bracelet" Hand circumference + 18 cm = just fit Hand circumference + 19 cm = moderately comfortable Hand circumference + 20 cm = loose [Suggestions for Preserving Jewelry] 1. Use a dry cloth to moisten a little toothpaste and wipe it back and forth in the dark place. 2. For parts that are difficult to wipe, such as buckles and joints, it is recommended to wipe them with a cotton stick for easy cleaning. 3. The all-copper material design jewelry (no different materials in series) can touch water, but make sure that the jewelry is completely dry before putting it in a sealed bag. (You can use a hair dryer to blow dry, keep a distance of about 30 cm to avoid overheating the copper ornaments) 【Purchase Notes】 1. Try to avoid contacting hot springs or sea water with the jewelry after purchase, so as to avoid accelerating dullness and causing corrosion marks. 2. The accessories are all hand-designed and made, please don't pull it strongly 3. Natural materials vary in size and shape, and it is impossible to pick out exactly the same materials; each material will also have unique natural patterns and traces, and those with high bids will consider subscripts. 4. The elastic bracelet uses Japanese-made silk thread, which is different from the direct break of ordinary fishing line. The silk thread will show a slight shedding condition, and the whole break will not cause the stone crystal to be scattered around. Please replace it as soon as you find a small thread running out. . 5. The product is recommended to replace the consumables every year (#flex line# stainless steel line#question hook#ear hook) 6. Bracelets sold by Crystal Little Pliers can enjoy free replacement of consumables every year, and only pay 60 yuan for shipping. 7. The effect of natural stone is for reference only


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