Healthy Goods [Cocoa Powder Reduced Sugar Formula] Dedicated Hot Cocoa Lightweight Body Bag For Physiological Period

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Lemuji devotes itself to the research and development and insists on freshness. In addition to its own research and development of nine natural Chinese herbal drinks and three Chinese herbal foot bath bags, there is also a "natural selection zone" that hopes that women will be completely burden-free while loving beauty! I just want to provide good


35g x 6


Healthy Goods [Cocoa Powder Reduced Sugar Formula] Dedicated Hot Cocoa Lightweight Body Bag For Physiological Period


**| Lemu Collection Natural Selection |** Mental period, this good friend who has been with each girl for so many years, always makes people love, hate, and bothersome. Every month comes the period of discomfort, such as menstrual pain, edema, fatigue and depression. Since you have to endure the uncomfortable discomfort caused by the physiological period once a month, it is better to find a way to face it! Le carefully selected natural wood set, the main Chinese side, but the Chinese side is not recommended during physiological reason for drinking traditional Chinese medicine Warming, weakness during physiological, warming effect will be worried that some of the girl's body by the blood can lead to increased, more weakness,**recommended to drink Hanfang for "before the physiological period" and "after the physiological period"****this period of the physiological period, we recommend a cup of natural hot cocoa, "25% milk + 45% natural cocoa is preferred" The best ratio.** **In recent years, the benefits of chocolate have been continuously promoted, such as cocoa polyphenols anti-aging**. In addition to the beauty effects, drinking can warm up and instantly increase the happiness in my heart. Moderate consumption of chocolate products not only makes people feel happy, chocolate is rich in mineral magnesium, and some of the premenstrual syndrome caused by lack of magnesium in the body can reduce symptoms by eating chocolate. Secondly, chocolate will induce the release of pleasant "brain endorphin" in the brain, which will relieve the discomfort and bad mood during menstruation. **▎Three in one cocoa powder** ‑ Chocolate and cocoa powder itself helps to fight against oxidation and cardiovascular diseases. It has been medically proven to have many benefits such as preventing dementia and helping to lose weight, provided that the sugar content is not too high! In addition to the sugar-free formula, this product uses cocoa powder that is the highest quality and best quality from the largest Indonesian manufacturers. ‑ Ingredients: cocoa powder, sugar, milk powder ‑ Specification: 35g ± 1g (single pack specification) x 6 packs / box in total ‑ Taste: Less sugar recipe (suitable for those who are afraid of sweetness) **▎ ingredients** **-Cocoa**Cocoa beans are seeds in the fruit of the cocoa tree, pure natural ingredients. Natural cocoa powder is rich in a variety of health-friendly ingredients, in addition to protein, a variety of amino acids and copper, iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and other minerals Substance; also contains substances beneficial to the human body such as cocoa polyphenols and flavonoids. Flavonoids in cocoa can strengthen the relaxation of blood vessels, reduce the concentration of triglycerides in the body, reduce the risk of fatty liver, and can Reduce blood fat, prevent cardiovascular disease, and also have anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects. Some research reports indicate that regular consumption of cocoa can increase the concentration of serotonin in the brain, help to stabilize mood, control appetite, and relax The effect of nerve decompression. Due to the high cost of natural cocoa butter, some stores often use "cocoa butter substitute" to replace natural cocoa butter to make chocolate or chocolate sauce, but cocoa butter substitute may cause indigestion and kidney function decline. **▎Product Information** ‑ Cocoa Origin: Indonesia ‑ Shelf life: 12 months unopened **▎If you have any of the following conditions, it is recommended to ask the doctor before drinking** 1. Positive pregnancy or lactation: if pregnant or nursing. 2. Other medicines being taken: including prescriptions or prescription medicines purchased without a prescription. 3. Allergic to any substance containing medicinal materials: or allergic to other drugs and herbs. 4. He / she has other diseases such as disorders of the physiological system, or any other health condition. If you have any discomfort after drinking, please stop using it immediately. **▎How to use** ‑ Add 300ml-350ml hot water and stir well before use. ‑ Warm reminder: let it cool down and then put it in the refrigerator for about 6-8 hours for better flavor. 📦Choose a home delivery ~ Order before noon today and receive it the next day! **▎ Remarks**If you have any questions, please contact the designer on the right. Contact us and we will contact you quickly. Thank you for your patience. If a female friend has had menstrual pain for a period of time, and each episode severely affects the daily life, do not ignore the warnings sent by the body and take the pain medicine by yourself. You should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and seek the help of physicians, Chinese medicine practitioners, nutritionists and other experts to clarify the reasons, moderately adjust the diet, work schedule and physical fitness, and fundamentally improve the cause. The only rule to avoid menstrual pain and discomfort!


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