Blue Copper Firming Cream 30ML

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Cream is the secret weapon of freezing age. Youth and years are endless races. You can rely on natural beauty before the



Blue Copper Firming Cream 30ML


Blue copper firming cream Product desciption The blue-copper peptide was discovered by scientists in 1970 and proved to delay aging, activate the skin, and initiate a full range of repairs. In addition, we are especially immersed in shea nuts and neural amines, which are rich in moisturizing energy. And the defense energy, make the skin hydrated and full of vitality. From now on, make up the lotion, essence and cream, and practice the whole maintenance procedure into daily habits. ingredient [Blue Copper Peptide Prezatide Copper Acetate] It repairs dry skin, softens and soothes skin, slows down skin aging and makes skin more delicate. [Shea Butter] Extract a "cream tree" fruit oil from Africa. It can enhance moisturizing and regulate sebum secretion, and has the effect of repairing, conditioning and moisturizing the skin. [Squalane Squalane] Soothes skin & keeps skin healthy [Neuroamine Ceramide] It is given to the skin that lacks water and is dry, and it is repaired with strong water to achieve a soft touch and restore skin health. [Collagen Collagen] With high-efficiency repair function, it quickly regains the radiance of the skin, making the skin feel soft and firm. [Hyaluronic acid] Quickly replenishes moisture for dry skin, leaving skin soft and supple. Instructions Every morning and evening, after the lotion, take a proper amount of cream on the palm of your hand and gently massage the entire face and neck until absorbed. Maintenance steps Clean ▾ - Squalane Washing Gel Moisturizing - Blue Copper Peptide Moisturizing Lotion - Blue copper peptide repair lock water mask Strengthening conditioning - 18% Almond Acid Whitening Essence - Blue Copper Peptide Moisturizing Conditioning Essence Moisturizing - 6% Shea Butter Moisturizing Lotion Protection -**Blue Copper Firming Cream** specification Capacity: 30ML Validity period: three years Date of manufacture: marked on the outer packaging Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan MADE IN TAIWAN Precautions * It is recommended to apply this product to the back of the ear, the inside of the handcuff or the neck for testing. After 10 minutes, the skin is not allergic and continue to use this product. * If the skin is uncomfortable or sensitive, stop using it immediately and consult a professional physician. * No alcohol, flavor, color, Paraben preservatives. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan MADE IN TAIWAN About OBHL Minimalist maintenance - just the best Life is always your choice. Living a good life with a simple attitude is a choice. It is also a philosophy of life. Sometimes it is a kind of giving up, not greed, not much, and the sum of happiness is just the best. Professional medical beauty is the root of our OBHL brand. Providing daily basic care products series, giving customers a sincere and happy life proposal. The research and development concept is derived from the founder, Mr. Zhang Yi, who is a professional physician. Due to his personal experience, he suffers from skin problems and feels the same. He expects to provide the public through professionalism. A simple maintenance concept. The skin is like an organic living body, just like our mood will be affected by external environmental factors, sun exposure, air pollution, internal emotional stress, diet, and then ups and downs. The skin care products we developed are created in accordance with the rhythm of modern people's life. On the basis of scientific evidence, all the ingredients are carefully selected. After many of our scientific research, the proportion formula is just giving the skin just a good raise. A simple, maintenance-free, awakening skin cells for optimal health. In the past, we may not care about the maintenance ingredients on our face. Now, let us begin to understand how to choose good for the body. In addition to external maintenance, we believe that we should have a richer heart, a trip that says to go and go; use reading to support the soul; appreciate art and literature to explore the creator's world; taste food and morality, please pass through Enjoy the senses and live the most valuable freedom. As Mr. Zhang Yi, the founder of OBHL, said, “We actually have the ability to live a good life, but good life is not about having many things or money, but from your attitude towards life.” It is also important for us to build the OBHL brand. Concept. In the future, we will not limit the possibilities of all good life. We hope that everyone can find a new way of life through the proposal of different living products. A good life, everyone has different ideals, but in the end you will find that the real life lies in the lifelong body.


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