COMME MOI full set of parents and children's socks (a total of eight pairs of four pairs of large four pairs small) + British and French hand-painted letters card

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COMME MOI full set of parents and children's socks (a total of eight pairs of four pairs of large four pairs small) + British and French hand-painted letters card


COMME MOI full set of parents and children's socks (a total of eight pairs of four pairs of large four pairs small) + British and French hand-painted letters card (worth $ 499) Hand in hand four bursts design models (big feet socks + a pair of feet socks) ▲ cloud lightning stars ▲ small hill grass clouds ▲ I ship my sea ▲ I am a geometric control ▲ Material: 70% cotton and 5% nylon and 25% polyester yarn package ▲ size: Feet Size - tube length 25cm, 22cm long foot plate Try: Gail (F) foot plates is about 22cm, soles of the feet for foot plate 23 to the elastic 26 cm can wear. Size feet - tube length 14cm, 12cm long foot plate Suitable for children over two years old toddlers begin to wear Try: Nello (boy 2Y7M) soles of the feet is about 15cm, elastic foot for 3-4 years. ▲ some very important detail to tell you ▲ Comme moi designed small adults and children's socks, are different from the traditional, the use of a high number of needle weaving pattern to maintain complete fineness adults woven mining machine needle 200 (the conventional number of pin 144 adult socks); child pin 144 is used (traditional Tongwa 84 stitches). Comme moi adhere cotton thread weaving to keep wearing comfort and allow adults and children in more than running and jumping, the size of the foot breathe freely allow unfettered, but in more complex pattern place with elastic fibers, so that pattern to maintain flexibility and fineness of color, to compensate for the problem of linear elastic cotton limited. ▲ All villain Jie slip socks foot, so small that people can be more secure wearing Comme moi ran fanciful. ▲ Mining Mono zipper bag for children with parents after wearing socks, bags can be reused. ▲ COMME MOI how come? COMME MOI French means "like me." Babies want to be like father, like hemp, belonging to want to have links with Mom and Dad, and Mom and Dad mind more or less there will be some more willing to assist you and your baby have a small link. ▲ Why COMME MOI? The starting point is very simple, Gail a Taiwanese illustrator designer living in Paris, Nello full of infinite imagination of Funny small preserved eggs, Later had a son, had I not love lovers, Instead, it would be to become his son's body found a similar link, Has been very easy to find interesting but not too dramatic and too ostentatious parent-child socks, So why do not we simply decided to create their imagination our parent-child socks, Continuation of our imagination belong to our world to establish paternity brand, Want to pull more power with a small hand big hands, So that Taiwan can out of the island, With Taiwanese creativity, Taiwanese technology, The creation of parent-child socks brand in Taiwan, So that Taiwan good quality and culture can also be deep into the different countries. ▲ COMME MOI design thoughts how come? Want to send the game to extend the painting, Gail & Nello draw together having fun together, With that simple and innocent eyes of the world, Everything has become so interesting, Everything becomes so memorable, Say good morning with the leaves; With the car, said Bai Bai; With dogs say '' boo! '' As if your world is crossing all lines are can intersect. Mom wants to record this beautiful innocent Nello world, Make extraordinary things become more fresh and interesting, Let warm little hand in hand out of a large force to imagine a better world. ▲ COMME MOI size designer Gail & Nello Gail / Li Jia encyclical was born in Taipei, now settled in Paris, France in 2010 to remain in Paris advertising company settled after training, later became the industry to do the work free illustration, graphic design and multimedia creation. Nello small designer born in Paris in 2014, a bottomless pit of creative ideas, endless from out a pen, let Gail creation of more vitality and value. ▲ COMME MOI roots in Taiwan Stick to the ground in Taiwan Taiwan · Shetou ㄧ straight hosiery industry is the city COMME MOI insist that Taiwan manufacturing to the ground. Countries outside of Asia, the Taiwan is a very strange country, Always will be, and other neighboring countries Thailand, China, and so do confusion, Search on Asian goods in France, the network ninety-nine percent is Asian food, Like fast food has become synonymous with Asia. But in Asia, Taiwan is more down to not just food, but there are more high-quality and localization in the creative and cultural energy Taiwan is small but perfectly formed, We have the energy should be seen. Hope by COMME MOI hand in hand is not nauseating series, Gail & Nello help push the dream of a big step forward, But also give pride of belonging to the people of Taiwan go out. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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