Left Hand Fragrant Eucalyptus / Nourishing Aloe Mud

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High quality and good oil hand-made soap makes bathing a pleasure before going to bed Left hand fragrant aloe mud, moisturizing and good to touch



Left Hand Fragrant Eucalyptus / Nourishing Aloe Mud


https://i.pinimg.com/750x/fb/4f/85/fb4f851ee7125514fe9cc7d9ce4b3e03.jpg Left hand incense Is one of the plants that many people would find good-natured "Not only the left hand touches the fragrance, but the right hand touches the fragrance!" Not only that, the efficacy of the left hand incense is also very extensive It has been a medicine for centuries "Left-hand incense is very good to grow", this is a good planting experience that many people have had Cut the stem of the left-handed incense and insert it into the soil. It likes dry and well-drained soil, and it can grow all year round in a warm climate Only the left-handed scent is cold and afraid of the cold temperature, so it is normal for the left-handed scent to turn black and yellow in winter Move the pot to a sheltered place, cut off the thin and yellow branches to let it spend the winter When spring arrives, the green branches will be cut back again, and they will be green again ~~~ The flower garden in the designer's home will have the left-hand fragrance of green and fresh fragrance ~~ **************** Left Hand Fragrant Eucalyptus / Nourishing Aloe Mud pillowma handmade soaps **************** Ingredients | Coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, castor oil Essential oil | Blue gum Eucalyptus. Rosemary Add | Old Qingdai powder, left-hand fragrant mud, aloe vera gel INS | 166 Maturity | 2020/03/09 Weight | 100g ± 10g Origin | Taiwan Manufacturing Method | Manufactured by Pillow Ma Handmade Design Workshop ____________________________________________________ 【Small soap with soap】 ♪ Natural handmade soap does not add chemical dyeing and inferior fragrance. The soap color is taken from mineral powder and flowers and oils. The color and taste will become lighter and lighter with time. ♪ Handmade soap contains 4/1 natural glycerin. It will be sticky and wet on the surface of hand soap due to wet or hot weather. This is normal. ♪ Please store the handmade soap in a dry and ventilated place. Since it does not contain preservatives, its shelf life is one year, but as long as there is no smell of oil consumption, it is within the safe range of use. ♪ The soap dish should be placed away from the splash of the water faucet. Please put the hand soap upright (penalty stand sample) to reduce the contact surface with the soap dish and accelerate drying. ♪ Small steps to extend the life of hand soap: It is recommended to replace 2 hand soaps in turn to reduce the softness of the water and increase the use. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/47703946121_c6809fea3a_b.jpg


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