Starry Hand Painted Coaster / Purple Planet

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Like painting the stars and painting the universe, I think the stars represent dreams! Although it depicts what I imagin


Starry Hand Painted Coaster / Purple Planet


◤ The world is big, the more you explore, the more you feel you are young Many stars represent what we expect... You will encounter many difficulties and temptations before you complete your dreams. Solving a difficult problem, accomplishing one thing, and growing in total make your universe one more star. Finally owns a small universe Like painting the stars and painting the universe, I think the stars represent dreams! Although it depicts what I imagined, I hope to bring you a good mood. ✦ Please read carefully before you purchase. This coaster is "full hand-painted" production, after the non-painted product is printed! Each hand-painted coaster will be slightly different each time it is painted, and it will inevitably have errors with the actual finished product. After all, hand-painting is not as accurate as printing school and can be accepted for purchase. Please send a message to discuss the details with me before the purchase, and start the drawing after the discussion is completed (you can ask if there is any spot) Because it is a custom-made product, it cannot be returned, and the product will be confirmed before the goods are completed and sent. Please do not worry :) Please remember to check back to see the message in your inbox!! Starry pearlescent pigments will have a faint reflection Close-up photos are taken in order to emphasize the reflection in the light, the actual product, please take the real thing. Production time If the style you choose is in stock, you can send it on the next day. If you choose to redraw, please wait patiently [Excluding discussion time, it will take about 3~4 days after finalization to send it] Because of the texture of the mat, it takes 2 days to dry completely, and it is not easy to mold. (Draw a good look / add a little bit later) ✦ Instructions for use ✦ Cups filled with ice drink will always drip, and water absorption cups can absorb water droplets from outside the cup to keep the table dry and tidy. After absorbing water, the water will volatilize naturally and it is an environmentally friendly coaster that can be reused. Because of the high-temperature firing of adobe embryos, hot drinks can be used in winter! ✦ Material/Size ✦ Clay clay embryos are fragile. Please do not drop it. Round diameter 10.8 cm/square 11x11 cm What is the difference between a cup and a printed coaster? Drawing with plain blanks, whether it is water absorption or texture, is better than printing. Because the printing ink will block the tiny pores of clay, it will reduce the water absorption. Each hand-painted one is the only one that can change colors according to preferences:) Useful pearlescent pigments, acrylic pigments, stamp pads, etc. Create a level that printing cannot reach. ✦ This coaster can be purple/black in color, with no choice but actual products. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan hand-drawn


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