Shika Cake - Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather / Minute Short Clip (Black Gold)

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Shika 手縫い工房

Shika 手縫い工房 ショップへ

Shika Cake - Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather / Minute Short Clip (Black Gold)


/ Size /
Length 10.5cm × cm / height 9cm / thickness of about 3cm

/ Material /
Cowhide - Italian vegetable tanned leather
Suture - Japanese hemp suture
Gold - Taiwan-made deduction

/ Product description and story /
This is designed for the collection of coins and cards designed by the short clip, short clip itself height of 9cm, the user regardless of men and women, can easily grasp, no longer worry about no change, short clip itself a total of 6 card , Short clip on the back with a mezzanine, so that you can be in a hurry when the receipt or note readily throw into, no longer worry can not find! From the leather on the drawing version, the United States knife cut, after dyeing fixed edge, a Needle all hand-sewn full leather wallet, no machine involved in the classic process, our little studio, all the works, homemade since the sale.

This is a custom product, you can knock on the part of your favorite, you can choose to remove our logo, please first choose the color of the skin and then leave a message to tell the need to beat the letters or numbers, metal colors can also choose or by our help You match.

※ knock for the English capital letters and Arabic numerals, for the manual knock, it is inevitable that some mixed, so the high demand perfectionist choice.
If you want to knock on the word please remember to order the contents of the printed Oh :) Thank you!

/ Designer and brand profile /
Cowhide hand stained way to deal with, or concentrated layer, or light white, fun and artistic. Is different from the square with the existing nylon wax line to high-cost high-quality hand-sewn twist with bee wax block sewing, the edge is fine matte, color, so smooth and smooth, showing that we adhere to the classic spirit of the process.

/ Leather tips /
1. As a result of the use of the media are pure leather, each piece of leather lines will vary according to different sources, perhaps the country, perhaps the cattle living environment and habits caused,
Each piece of leather will have a little bit of insects or scars, as well as different lines of change, these are the years of cattle leather accumulated proof of one of the fascinating characteristics of each commodity will have a little texture in the Oh!

2. Natural leather and human skin, is the need to protect the oil will not dry or mold, often use it, the human skin will secrete oil on the leather parts will form a natural protective film,
This is why often use the leather will show a warm luster and warm color, usually no need for special maintenance, as long as the occasional wipe leather maintenance oil can be!
(Maintenance oil ingredients can not contain mineral oil or solvent, alcohol, will hurt their leather or fade)

3. If the use of leather goods, accidentally stained with water or wet, only need to take a dry cloth to wipe the water, you can dry, like a package or a place of space leather, which can put newspapers, dry cloth Easy to quickly absorb moisture,
And placed in a cool place to place the leather can be placed, do not take the hair dryer blowing or exposure to the sun, the skin will quickly shrink the pores caused by deformation!

4. Because the leather part of the color is purely hand-dyed, so in each of the above color will be a little color, color reasons for each cow contains the property, the stability of each dye, dyeing techniques,
As well as the difference between the different displays of the camera and the screen, all of which will cause a slight drop, and we will do our best to show the taste and color of the product.

※ intimate little caution:
In each commodity before shipment, will be a layer of maintenance oil, and in line with our definition of environmental standards packaging,
So if there is a gift to the gift of demand, you can note when the next note,
We will be prepared according to the size of the package for your skin, if not told is for personal use. Thank you.
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan / handmade


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