Natural flavor _ sleeping incense brick

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Scent can change the state of mind and body in a flash, using natural oils to sniff or incense, in a relaxed, pleasant w


savor of nature

savor of nature ショップへ

Natural flavor _ sleeping incense brick


**Creative idea**

▶I believe in the pure power of nature
▶Use natural plants and mineral powder as material
▶ Awaken life taste and interest
▶ Resource reuse, simple packaging


Fragrance, if there is nothing in every corner of life, is easily forgotten, but often moments, it recalls many deep memories, the tranquility of the forest walks, the joy of picking fruits in the orchard, the sweetness of lover dating, mother The fragrance on the microphone .... Smell, compared to the five senses, is an often neglected exercise. Since touching the essential oils, it slowly recovers the sensitivity of the sense of smell and begins to touch the fascinating world of fragrance.

Using natural beeswax, soy wax, flowers, and wood as essential materials, with the memory of the mind and unlimited imagination, a field of fragrant games was launched. I like to carry fragrant bricks with me and fill my spirits with myself. When I fall in love with the night, I take a few candlelights for my family and sniff out the slight fragrance in the air.

Let the fragrance penetrate your thoughts and resonate with them.


**Product desciption**

Scent can change the state of mind and body in a flash, using natural oils to sniff or incense, in a relaxed, pleasant way, to help you adjust your breathing, ease the pressure in life, and bring you quickly into the sweet dreams.

[gram] 16±2g
【Packing】 tinplate box
[Use] soothe the nerves, help sleep, ease tension or excitement, purify the air.
The [period] is approximately one and a half years. The length of time used is related to the humidity and temperature in the air. Under normal use, there is still a faint scent for more than two years.
▶ ︎ It is recommended that you use a sniffing method (nose close to the fragrant brick and take a deep breath several times) to achieve a good aromatherapy effect.
▶︎ To purify the air, it is recommended to place it in a small, confined space. The better the aromatherapy effect is, but it reminds you that if the lid is opened for a long time because of the volatile nature of the essential oil, the aroma will fade faster.
【Fragrance】 Aromas based on lavender, with a slight hint of sweetness.
【Material】Soybean Wax, Stearic Acid, French Lavender Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Petitgrain Oil, Lavender Petal
▶You can carry it out, 3 to 4 pings of indoor space, at least 2 or more fragrant bricks, the aroma will be more intense.
▶ The effect of musk bricks may be subjective and cannot guarantee everyone's effectiveness.
▶ After a long period of time, the aroma of the surface oil gradually fades. The surface of the incense tile can be sliced or cut into small pieces, and then it can be packed into the box to maintain the original smell and aromatherapy function.
▶If the time has elapsed, the essential oils have evaporated, but the weight of the finished product is still above 15g. You can send it back for recycling. Only charge NT$100 (free shipping) for materials and costs, or refer to the recipe for DIY recycling. attach).
▶ If the appearance of white crystals, the normal winterization phenomenon, the shape is not limited, random shipments, outer box suits to retain the right to change.


Natural life is to regain the sense of belonging between man and nature.

In the past, we called the earth a mother and had a close relationship with nature. On the other hand, life seems to be improving. However, in order to pursue a better and more convenient material life, we arbitrarily seize natural resources and create indigestible rubbish, in addition to causing many environmental problems. It also casts a shadow on human health.

People belong to nature, always have a thin line to pull, even if they are born in the city, just try to slow down and listen to their own inner voice, we need, in fact, very simple, too much material desire, it is easy to forget to cherish the side Owned. And nature is like the tender arms of a mother, in which to open five senses of thin taste, life can be simple and happy.

The pursuit of natural life is a long journey back to life. When we reflect on our own needs and the sustainability of our environment, we can be conscious and choose a better lifestyle for ourselves and the environment.



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Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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