Limited. Natural green pine very fine bracelet. Two optional

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These two bracelets may be ordered differently when they are actually ordered. (The same beads will be used, but the int


Limited. Natural green pine very fine bracelet. Two optional


Always loved the turquoise blue green color
However, most of the cheap green pines on the market are white stone stained and mixed, otherwise it is artificial counterfeiting.
Looking for a long time, I finally found the natural dye-free turquoise that I missed! These green pines feel moist and feel beautiful.
I immediately made two bracelets and added some materials to the manufacturer. But after the materials are finished, they may not be available.

These two bracelets may be ordered differently when they are actually ordered.
(The same beads will be used, but the intervals or order will be different, which is equal to each one)
This conspicuous blue-green x gold makes a slender chain effect, which is very suitable for wearing a few superimposed weights and lively feelings, or it is very white with a variety of bracelet watches!

Does not include other watches or bracelets in the photo


☞ Content:
✔ Bracelet x1, thick zipper bag for storage x1, desiccant x1
✔ Each time you buy 1~3 items, you will get a silver cloth x1, 4~6 items, give a silver cloth x2, and so on.

☞ Size:
绿松石 Turquoise: the diameter of the bead is about 0.4 cm
✔ Large brass beads: about 1.2*0.75 cm
Manual measurement + hand-made, each time the finished product may have an error of 0.1~0.2 cm

材质 Material: brass, turquoise

订 Customized method:
✔ The easiest way: Pick up the bracelet or watch you are currently wearing, and measure the length of it after leveling.
✔ Measure with a rope or cloth ruler: Find a rope with no elasticity. After winding around the wrist, measure the length of the line. Remember to loosen it. Otherwise, the size of the bracelet will be too close and it will be difficult to buckle!
**Please give me the length of the bracelet I want to order, not the size of my wrist!**
✔ Generally recommended length is:**Sticker size +1.5~2 cm**, but the actual is still based on personal habits

☞ About the material:
黄铜 Brass will gradually oxidize due to wearing for a long time. After wearing it, wipe it with a soft cloth and put it into the zipper bag to keep the gloss. The retro color after oxidation can still be polished with a silver cloth!
✔ Each natural stone has different ingredients and characteristics, but it is inevitable that there will be some ice cracks, mine defects, black spots, uneven colors, etc. Each of the natural stones is different, so the jewelry made of natural stone is also unique. !

☞ About packaging:
✔ I chose the most practical method: thick zipper bag + desiccant, plus a silver cloth and a small maintenance card. The outside is a bubble bag + cowhide envelope.
日常 Daily storage can continue to be placed in the zipper bag, not occupying space and insulating the air. Just follow the steps on the small card, you can take the silver cloth to handle the oxidation of the jewelry.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan design, production


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