Customized Mother's Day Dry Flower Bouquet Preserved Rose Flower Bouquet/Fresh Morning Valentine's Day Bouquet/

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Each hand-tied bouquet has a different story behind it, and EROS will also match the flower materials for each story and choose the color that suits the situation to design, whether it is a proposal bouquet, a graduation bouquet, a birthday bouquet, a Valentine's Day bouquet, Mother's Day bouquets...etc. Each piece is a bouquet that we tailor-made for our customers to convey blessings and love!



Customized Mother's Day Dry Flower Bouquet Preserved Rose Flower Bouquet/Fresh Morning Valentine's Day Bouquet/


**[About the product]*** Product content: non-withered roses and dry flower materials Product size: L24CM X H40CM (including packaging) **[Introduction to non-withered flowers and dry flowers]** **/ Preserved Flower /** ▲The non-withered flowers are made of fresh flowers, using organic dyes and artificial glycerin, and processed by special techniques to retain the tender texture of flowers, but without pollen allergies or pests. ▲The non-withered flowers have the tender texture of flowers and can show more colorful colors than flowers, which can be viewed for a long time. ▲It is easy to take care of the flowers without withering, and it can be stored for a long time, which is suitable for creating home decorations. ▲No withering flowers without watering, high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight should be avoided. The viewing period of well-preserved flowers without withering can reach 2-5 years. **/ Dried Flower /** ▲Dried flowers are the products of flowers after they are naturally dried. As the water evaporates, the shape of the flowers will shrink and the color will change. The texture becomes brittle and hard and easy to fall, but it still emits the fragrance of natural flowers. ▲Dry flowers will fade to varying degrees over time. High temperature, humidity and direct sunlight should be avoided. The viewing period of dried flowers (depending on the flower species) can be up to six months to several years. **【storage method】** ▲In order to avoid staining and sticking, the flower surface is in contact with clothes, bed walls, wooden cabinets or wooden lacquered furniture. ▲If the flowers are contaminated with dust and debris, they can be cleaned by air blown ball or blower with cold wind. ▲Please put it in a dry and ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight. ▲Avoid placing it in a dark and humid place, which is prone to mold. ▲It can be stored for more than 12 months if it is well preserved. It is normal for the natural weathering and fading over time. **[Need to know before buying]** ▲ The photos are taken from real products, and the flowers and packaging are made by hand. There is no guarantee that the products will be exactly the same. ▲EROS will take care of it when it is sent to avoid damage. Due to the fragile nature of dried flowers, it is inevitable that a little flower scraps will fall out of the box. Super perfectionists please consider carefully before placing an order. ▲Because the flowers and materials are all seasonal, if there is a shortage, we will design and match for you under the condition that the color system and the overall appearance remain unchanged. ▲Dry flowers and eternal flowers are natural materials, so there will inevitably be collisions and a little drop during transportation. We will try our best to pack and protect the products properly. **[EROS brand concept]** EROS has been deeply involved in Taichung for nearly five years. For three consecutive years, it has been favored by boutique counters GUCCI, Fendi, Chanel, Palace Game Company and other companies to produce birthday flowers and public relations activities for VVIP. At the same time, there are many overseas nominations and recommendations. Customers’ feedbacks continue to be appreciated, and the most often received is that the texture and special feeling of the flower gift far exceeds the value of the effort. We insist on special requirements for details and sophistication! Providing perfect flower gifts that meet the ideals of customers is also our daily practice! 🌸The studio is not easy to operate, sincerely hope that when you receive the goods, you can give us a good evaluation of affirmative support🌸 🌸If you have any questions, please don’t rush to give a bad review. After contacting us, we will deal with it for you as soon as possible🌸 **EROS provides corporate group floral experience and scented candle experience activities**


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