DOMOMO Elegant Sweet Bow (Red)-Petal Bib

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Handmade saliva towels/bibs, cute sweet bows, absorb water and protect your baby's soft skin!



DOMOMO Elegant Sweet Bow (Red)-Petal Bib


★☆★Embroidery is not included in the unit price! ★☆★Embroidery is not included in the unit price! **📙【 Product introduction】** Handmade saliva towel/bib Cute and sweet bow, which absorbs water and protects your baby's soft skin! ●●●●● About bib/saliva towel usage●●●●● When the baby starts to have long teeth, it will start to secrete a lot of saliva, and the bib that does not absorb water will seriously cause rashes on the baby's face and chin. In addition, the diet will also progress from drinking milk to a small amount of non-staple food. It will change slowly as the baby grows, and it is easy to make the clothes on the body wet and dirty, so it is important to help the baby choose a cute bib with a good water absorption!! It can also protect the baby's soft skin! **★【Size, Specification】** 22 x 26 cm, (there will be a difference of 1-2cm) Both have two-stage adjustable buttons, suitable for 3 months to 3 years old **★【Material】** Soft cotton + double gauze strong water absorption **★【Origin/Manufacturing Method】** Made in Taiwan handmade **📌 【Product Q&A】** **[Q. May I ask if I have placed an order, how many days will it take to make the product? 】** || Customized products, time is about 3-14 working days/excluding holidays|| ◆ Some of the products are ordered and purchased with electric embroidery ✍ (the number of production days is about 5-14 days). Because of the manual production, it takes a certain amount of production time to take into account the quality. The actual time will also be affected by the number of orders. Please give us some time... I hope you will be considerate and patient, and we will help you send it out as soon as possible~ ◆ Some commodity designers will do more (for spot), but still need to sort out and final quality control, the spot will be shipped within 3 days (excluding holidays) can be sent If you want to confirm again, you can communicate with the designer again! Thank you 🙏 ◆ Please note that China, Hong Kong and Macao use SF Express, and international transportation is sent by post office **【How to maintain and wash the product?】** ◆ Baby goods-Because the baby's skin is delicate and has a low defense force against bacteria, please wash with adult clothes. A large number of molds have grown in the washing machine for a long time, and adult clothes are contaminated with many germs and dirt. It is recommended to use baby special lotion **Be sure to wash by hand, lightly scald, hang and dry in a cool place**, **🔺Do not bleach/Do not soak for a long time/Do not dry/Do not dry clean/Do not high temperature**, the temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the clothing organization, and it is easy to cause the product to deform! ◆ Other products-please refer to the description of each product page (After-sale products will be accompanied by a washing instruction card, please be sure to follow the washing method) **★ ★ ★ DOMOMO Ding咛 ★ ★ ★** Thank you for your love of DOMOMO. Please read carefully before buying~ Thank you! 1. Some products are made-to-order, (unless defective) custom-made products will not be returned, please pay attention to the size when purchasing! 2. Because the customized products are not mechanized, the pattern of the fabric will be different depending on the cutting position of the fabric and the position of the bead. Therefore, every product is unique! 4. The hand-made size will have a little positive and negative difference. The thread ends and small misalignments are normal for hand-made products. 5. The product photos will be different depending on the screen of each computer. The color closest to the actual product will be adjusted as much as possible. The color is based on the actual product. 6. The import tariff rates for overseas online shopping are different. If the customs duties are determined by the customs, the import tariffs must be paid by the consumer. 7. If you have any questions or suggestions after the goods arrive, please feel free to send us a message. We will rush to deal with you positively and properly. Please do not directly give negative comments without asking for confirmation (we will be very sad). I hope that both buyers and sellers can There are benign interactions. Good shopping experience, please respect the design team and hand-made value, thank you very much.


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