Semi-precious ear earrings (free ear clips available)

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The classic ARTDECO sun pattern with bright face gems, classic and lightweight, is the daily essential style; increase y


triple V

Semi-precious ear earrings (free ear clips available)


Each jewel has different stories, unique features and sparks stirred by the hand-scrubbing. The creators use the welding techniques that they excel at; they build their own rituals and they can show their elegance and embellish your daily life.

Earring size: diameter 1.4cm
Material: Green (Dongling jade), Violet (blue agate), Light green (Tianhe stone), Transparent (clear crystal) medical steel ear pin

Semi-precious stone effect:

Dongling Jade - also known as placer stone, is the energy of the main palm wheel, which can enhance the spiritual power, can also make people's horizons expand, increase the structure of the self, and increase the visual acuity. At the same time, it can calm uneasy emotions and calm people's emotions. It is a jewel that makes people happy every day. It is called opportunity gem and it can bring opportunities and good luck. It can create harmony and happiness. It is an entrepreneur and intends to create beautiful things. The gems that are indispensable for people with vision.

Blue-grained agate - psychologically, blue-grained agate is said to relieve depression caused by fear of criticism or rejection. This feeling of depression is often seen in parent-child relationships. Once the patient is ashamed of self-expression and inhibition of self-esteem, it will cause the throat to become obstructed, and the heart will feel suffocation from time to time.

Tianhe Stone - Wearing the Tianhe Stone can enhance people's self-confidence. Whether it is in love, shopping malls or people who are frustrated in the examination room, you can wear the Milky Way to boost your confidence, gain courage and confidence, and rekindle your confidence. , comeback.

Clear crystal - crystal can provide people with spiritual strength, help to shield the interference of external objects, make people's thinking more focused, more clear-headed, more focused, and make people's memory and understanding have been enhanced. It is best for students and people who need to keep their minds clear at all times.

**Entity Package Box Solid Map:**(Marble Grain Carton Box, free for ribbon wrapping)

**Material use:**
1. The mirror surface finish of earrings is made of brass 18K, white gold and rose gold.
2. The natural stone surface may have ice cracks or mineral growth patterns. In addition, some of the natural stones in the store have been optimized. The degree of optimization of each stone is not the same. If you are concerned, please think about it, if you can not accept Do not place orders.

1. It is normal for earrings to produce a few scratches and metal oxide marks due to the friction and collision when worn, so don't worry.
2. Earrings such as the surface of gold can be sent back to the studio for handling, need to receive NT: 100 fees.
3. Natural stone is detrimental to its surface brightness due to long-term wear or collision, which is a normal physical phenomenon.
4. The ear clip service can be provided free of charge. It can be used in private news design centers; or when placing orders.

**Use and maintenance methods:**
1. The metal fittings should be regularly wiped and maintained with a wiper.
2. Do not carry hot springs in metal fittings to prevent darkening of the metal.
3. Some natural stone hardness is not high, should pay attention to the situation of throwing to prevent natural stone fragmentation.
4. Cleaning articles are all alkaline or acidic chemicals that are not recommended for bathing or swimming.
5. When you do not wear it normally, use a cloth to wipe the product, and then store it in the clip chain bag to prevent air from being oxidized.

**After-sale service:**
1. The goods are pre-ordered goods, no return or exchange of goods (except merchandise).
2. If the merchandise gems breaks, the metal parts of the original earrings must be returned and a material fee of 100 yuan will be charged.


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