Calf Village Calf Village Men's and Women's Hand-made Double-sided Hat Customized Gentleman's Hat Cute Cat Wild

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Calf Village Calf Village Men's and Women's Hand-made Double-sided Hat Customized Gentleman's Hat Cute Cat Wild


【Product Description】
/ Unique flat top gentleman cap type / two-fold, double-sided design
The hat is parallel to the angle and is decorated with a type
Is a hat wearing a "formal" and "casual" can wear a hat!
Male / female can wear, whether it is wearing a dress, trousers, suits, casual jeans and so very good with!
Cap with a special environmental protection aluminum wire, durable and resistant to bending, waterproof design
In order to improve the convenience of the hat to go out, can easily fold and storage!
When you start, your hands can hold your hat again!
To pattern + plain unique stitching, fancy and can be wild, so that everyone travel wear and wear ~ more time!
Each hat hat pattern will be different, in the four seasons, you are unique!
│ beautiful and shade │ go out a good fold │ a wear that is very │ abroad must have double hat

※ If you want to add a hat, please click here to set the next page!

【Product specifications】
※ Short hat along the long hat along the length of the difference of about ± 2cm, according to individual needs to wear!
※ Free Size (this section cap men and women are suitable for wear, but also custom-made cap!)
※ how to worry about the problem?
You can leave a gross margin on the order note, and we will evaluate the special size of the cap.
※ Head circumference measurement method:
Use the cloth on the eyebrows and ears gently wrapped around a circle (do not pull too tight)
After several measurements, you can determine the number of head circumference
(If there is no cloth feet, you can find an elastic rope, and then measure the ruler!)

Outside: cotton cloth
Inside: cotton + denim stitching

【Cleaning method】
1. Please hand wash, please do not have long foam and excessive cleaning and cause damage.
2. After washing, please put the hat into the 2 to 3 layers of laundry, for 1 minute dehydration, due to the number of cotton will be wrinkled as a normal phenomenon, in the wet cloth state, hands along a smooth, gently brace Cap type, in the form of hanging socks hanging, and naturally dry in the shade can be.

【Reminders of love
※ Each piece of cloth will be cut due to change the location of the print, but can show a different sense of vision, the recipient can be revised!
※ Because of the color of each computer and shooting light angle of the problem is different, little color is more can not be avoided, we as far as possible close to the product color, please forgive me
※ goods due to manual work, as a result of personal factors rather than commodity defects, can not be returned, the recipient again and again, here to say sorry to you, please forgive me.

/ Product desciption /
Original unique, good comfort, wearing a modified face effect, and not easy to make hair deformation.
Hand-made "double-sided design", hat folding each angle has a different visual changes.
With the unique pattern of splicing, simple and changeable, easy to wear, go out and save time.

/ Product specifications /
Short, long hat length difference of 2 cm, according to individual needs to buy.

/ Material /
Inside: cotton
Outside: cotton, denim

/ Cleaning method /
‧Hand wash, do not rub hard
‧Dirty blocks can be gently scrubbed with a soft brush, do not rub hard
‧After cleaning, please put the hat into the 2 ~ 3 layer laundry bag

minute spin
Cotton washed, there will be wrinkled as a normal phenomenon, in the state of the damp cloth, hands along a smooth, gently hold up the cap type, hanging and naturally dry in the shade.

/ handmade in Taiwan, original design /
Origin / manufacturing method
Origin Taiwan original hand-made


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