Rice and rice cups - easy to cook rice set for 1 person

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**Cooking a meal for one person is really a headache! It is best to eat different rice every day!** The amount of rice is launched in a set of cloth bags! A spoon and a pair of chopsticks are included to make it easier for you to go out and use!



Rice and rice cups - easy to cook rice set for 1 person


Solve the problem of personal eating

Considering the different food intake of each person, we are going to design a series of products that will develop the following three kinds of rice-bamboo cups for three kinds of needs:

1. [Feng] rice volume = rich grain = rich food, is a person with a large amount of food, about 2 bowls of rice per meal. (Coming soon)
2. [foot] rice = full grain = enough food, is a good helper to meet a person can easily cook a bowl of rice. (on sale)
3. [section] rice volume = diet = temperate food, designed for girls and children who want to eat half a bowl of rice for a meal. (Coming soon)

In response to the upcoming launch of the new product, this item is specially launched with a pair of wooden spoon chopsticks and a cotton linen bag set, making it easier for you to taste the rice directly!

/ Product description and story /
**Cooking a meal for one person is really a headache! It is best to eat different rice every day!**

Large-packaged rice and large-capacity electric cookers are difficult to meet the living needs of single or small families, which inspires us to use Tainan's local flavored rice, and pack half a cup of rice that can be cooked once.
"Meter" means the number of meters, the instrument used to create volume meters in Taiwanese (Taiwanese), and the "grain" of food. It is functionally a container for cooking rice and a utensil for eating.

Meters of natural bamboo cup made in Taiwan packaging, metering meters tool, but also can easily cook the rice part of one container, a multi-purpose, from**amount, washing, steaming, fresh**all of it to help you Packaged.

/ product size / (approx.) H 8cm x Ø 8cm
/Product Material / Natural Mengzong Bamboo
*Including a package of 80g Taiwanese rice, according to the harvest of the harvest in the same season (Taiwan No. 9 white rice, Tainan No. 11 white rice, Tai Nong 71 white rice, Tainan No. 14 brown rice, Tainan No. 16 white rice), manual one Set of dishes and cutlery

How to use and maintain this product
**Bamboo will breathe**
The use and durability of natural materials have a considerable relationship with the user's habits. In order to allow bamboo to be stored for a long time, it is not easy to change color and mold. Therefore, the bamboo rice cup has a micro carbonization process in the manufacturing process. After use, put the bamboo in a ventilated environment to dry naturally. If the environment is damp and dirty, it is easy to breed germs and molds.
The amount of rice is natural bamboo, hand-made and the appearance is artificially trimmed, so each product will look slightly different. The surface of the natural bamboo fiber, some protruding particles or black dots can be seen on the surface, which does not affect the quality.
Because it is made of natural materials, please avoid the long-term soaking in the water, or the rapid temperature difference between high and low temperature, which will cause the surface of the bamboo to deteriorate and produce cracks and shorten the service life.

The product is micro-carbonized, so that the bamboo has the advantages of long-term preservation, not easy to change color and mold.

/Order instructions /
Since this product is made of natural bamboo, there is a limited time for harvesting. Please wait patiently during the period when the bamboo is out of stock.

/ Designer and brand profile /
113 Workshop is actively engaged in excavating the charm of urban and rural characteristics and the driving force of the industry. The design concept focuses on making good use of local resources, highlighting the characteristics of the materials themselves, and demanding people and environmental friendliness.
We use local resources (including: materials, technology, labor) to create products that are socially and culturally pleasing, and we expect to provide fair and reasonable wages to those who deserve them, and at the same time, through the design of the materials, the materials obtained will be changed. We are useful and unique, and produce goods with the highest standards and materials. We are convinced that designing a product is not only a matter of buying and selling, but also reflecting the beliefs and persistence of users and producers, so we are actively involved in many Community development and re-engineering activities, I hope that our efforts will carry forward the spirit of Taiwan’s local presence and enable these local industries to develop sustainably.

/ Origin /

/About international shipping /
1. Currently, it is sent by the post office international water and land parcel, but the upper limit is two kilograms. The advantage is that the freight is cheap. The disadvantage is that the post office does not bear the responsibility of losing. If there is any scruples, please contact us.
2. The international shipping cost of more than 2 kg is more complicated and expensive. If the instructions in the library are inadvertently detailed, please feel free to contact us and ask for the price of the order and the country to be sent to the post office or international air transport company.
Origin / manufacturing methods


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