Naturally pleasing original color Pebble soap box set

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[Size] soap box: length 13cm X width 9cm X height 4.5cm Soap dish: length 8cm X width 4.2cm X height 1.3cm [Material] So


Naturally pleasing original color Pebble soap box set


**Creative idea**

▶I believe in the pure power of nature
▶Use natural plants and mineral powder as material
▶ Awaken life taste and interest
▶ Resource reuse, simple packaging


**Product desciption**

The original angular stone, after flowing water, years of baptism, quenched a unique life charm. Think about a simple, sleek look with , Handmade soap can be placed on the bottom of soap box regardless of standing or leaning on the soap box. Soap stick is not easy to stick to soap tray, and the groove on the edge of soap tray is convenient. You remove the soap tray or pour out the water from the bottom of the soap box.

Pebble soap box group is a beautiful scene of home life, and is home to handmade soap peace of mind.

[Size] : Length 13cm X Width 9cm X Height 4.5cm
**** : Length 8cm X Width 4.2cm X Height 1.3cm
[Material] Soap Box: Pure Pottery
****Soap Pan: Pure Pottery
[Maintenance] Although the soap box group itself has a good dehumidifying effect and is not prone to mold, it can be kept in a dry environment and regularly clean the soap box and the soap scraper on the surface of the soap tray with a discarded toothbrush to ensure the hygienic use.


Natural life is a kind of good old life attitude that regains the old.

Before the industrial revolution, the relationship between man and nature was tight, and the millennium craftsmanship and wisdom of life were greatly praised; now, people’s lives seem to have progressed. However, in pursuit of a higher and more convenient material life, people not only largely seize the resources of nature, The ecological catastrophe causes many environmental problems.

What was simple and beautiful in the past was actually worth cherishing. I like to slowly slow down, think back to these ancient wisdom, and make good use of the material and creativity around us, so that the work presents a unique charm. Life can be very easy because we don't need much, and the wonderful taste of life can be savored by opening five senses.

The pursuit of natural life is a long journey back to life. When we reflect on our own needs and the sustainability of our environment, we can be conscious and choose a better lifestyle for ourselves and the environment.



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Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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