ni.kou Sterling silver line ring (thick version)

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● Material: 925 sterling silver ● Size: thickness of about 1.4mm, ring around can be customized, please note after meas



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ni.kou Sterling silver line ring (thick version)


● Material: 925 sterling silver

● Size: thickness of about 1.4mm, ring around can be customized, please note after measuring your international size to the designer Oh!

● Ring around the measurement methods and comparison table
More accurate way
Directly to the silver floor. Jewelry shop, please help the staff to measure the size of the international Wai.
Way two
Place your own ring on the ruler, measure the diameter inside the ring, and compare it to the table below.
Way three
Use inelastic thin line**pulled to the tightest**around the circumference of the finger to wear the most wide (joint) length, and then to the ruler that is the inner perimeter. (Due to each measurement may be different, the error will be larger.)

If your joints wider than the fingers, then the main joint size.
Try to measure your fingers in the evening, so when the finger is the largest.
The average person left and right hand, referring to the size will be different.
Due to the fingers will be thermal expansion and contraction, to avoid finger cold or hot water after the measurement, so as not to measure inaccurate.

●**Order before buying, please confirm the size is correct, customized goods no return!**
This page is a "Produce Orders". The auction will not be finished in time. The average waiting period is 7 Creatorials (holidays and hours of delivery excluded).

● Because the products are hand-made, there will be traces of hand-made or asymmetric situation, there is no way as perfect as the machine, the size and the knocking will be a slight gap with the photo, ring ring diameter will be +/- 0.3mm Errors, please be cautious.

● modify
If you need to revise the ring, you will be charged a fee for modification and self-payment. A fee of $ 100 will be charged. (The range of modification is within the upper and lower limits of the original ring. One will provide the first modification Free, need to pay the return shipping.) Please ring the complete package back, and transfer their costs.

● Maintenance
Part of the silver chain does not provide maintenance, accessories, such as parts to be repaired, please provide pictures and designer discussions, depending on the damage status quotes, need to pay a separate return shipping.

● About our handmade jewelry
We only use 925 sterling silver and pure copper, each finished handmade jewelry,
By the traditional techniques of metalworking - sawing, knocking, carving, welding, filing, setting, polishing and other processes completed,
Preserved the texture of welding and forging knocked out hands.

● maintenance tips
1. All jewelry, no matter what kind of material are afraid of damp, especially rain. Sweat. Perfume. Bath Spa .. Chemicals .... and so on, will seriously damage the jewelry produce oxidation, it should be avoided and away from.
2. Jewelry is recommended to wear often, the body's oil can make the jewelry produce a natural warm beautiful luster.
3. jewelry with time and produce oxidation, sulfuration or oxidation yellow hair black signs available moist soft bristles toothpaste or toothpaste brush light brush surface, or use a silver polishing cloth, wipe copper cloth, you can restore the original Metallic luster.
4. jewelry such as mining special vulcanization, do not over-wipe, so as to avoid vulcanization design effect disappears.
5. If you are concerned about wiping silver cloth, wipe the chemical emulsion of copper cloth will cause skin allergies, rinse with water and dry before wearing.
6. Natural stone, crystal and pearl can be cleaned with water and then use a soft cloth to wipe.
7. Do not wear, clean and put into sealed bags to save, can reduce the oxidation rate.
8. Do not put all kinds of jewelry in the same jewelry box, jewelry, different hardness will rub each other and lead to wear and tear.
9. Do not use any other tools to clean your jewelry, will leave a scratch on the jewelry surface, if the use of brushes is necessary, use a clean or very soft brush to scrub your jewelry.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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