Yizhi Ballet | Swan Lake Gauze Adult Towel

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The size is enough to cover the baby's body, the material is fine, the water absorption is good and the drying is quick. Originally designed by Japanese illustrator Itsuko, the illustrator's movements are standard and meticulous.


Yizhi Ballet | Swan Lake Gauze Adult Towel


The beautiful and kind Princess Odette in the "Swan Lake" ballet has been cursed into a white swan. Only the sincere and eternal love can crack the curse! https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/879/27660926998_8bd4757b4f_b.jpg **Design inspiration** Swan Lake is arguably the most popular dance drama in classical ballet. The beautiful and touching love story, the touching music music, and the exquisite dance skills of black and white swan always bring endless audio-visual feasts to the audience. As a ballet enthusiast, the Japanese designer Miss Kawaguchi painted the beauty of "Swan Lake" in her heart with the most sincere heart. From the stage set to the dancer's look and movement, they are very exquisite and beautiful, and are the best choice for personal use or as a gift! 🌸 https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/892/27772162548_92570ba8f4_b.jpg 🎬 "Swan Lake" white swan solo dance fragment: https://youtu.be/3wXRcML_zXQ Video source: Youtube -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- 📖[Swan Lake Story Introduction] The prince Siegfried and his friends who are about to hold the ceremony will go out hunting and go all the way to the lake. As the prince pulls his bow and arrows to aim at the prey, he accidentally discovers that the white swan has become a beautiful girl in the bright moonlight. The girl told the prince that she was originally a princess of Odette in a neighboring country. She was turned into a swan by the demon Roth Barthes. Only the true and eternal love in the world can crack this curse. The prince fell in love with Princess Odette and asked her to come to the palace to attend the ball tomorrow. He will announce Princess Odette as a wife in front of everyone. On the day of the dance, Princess Marley from all over the world clashed for the beauty and performance of dance skills in front of the prince, but the prince was unmoved and waited for the appearance of Princess Odette. Unexpectedly, the treacherous demon Roth Barthes once again cast his magic - pretending to be the Earl, and let his daughter Black Swan Odile incarnate into the appearance of Princess Odette, to the ball. The prince did not observe for a moment, actually chose the black swan as the bride, and danced with it, the white swan Odette could not help but be hurt, lost to the lake. The demon Rotbar’s eyes were stunned, and he could not help but reveal his face and smirk. The prince knew that he had been deceived. After discovering the truth, the prince went straight to the lake, showed his heart to Princess Odette, and asked her for forgiveness. So they danced on the Swan Lake to symbolize the eternal love of the double dance, but this annoyed the demon, the demon once again cast a powerful wave, the prince was involved in the lake, the princess also fell into the lake. The heroine and heroine protagonist, the love of no regrets, finally broke the spell and defeated the devil. The prince and the princess finally eliminated all difficulties and joined hands to welcome a happy tomorrow. https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/811/41405355781_abc5cee220_b.jpg 材质 Material: 100% cotton ✔ Size: 34 x 78 cm ✔ Features: The double-sided material design uses high-grade gauze material on one side and natural and comfortable untwisted yarn on one side. The size is enough to cover the baby's body, the material is fine, the water absorption is good and the drying is quick. The soft touch of the skin is suitable for both adult and baby skins, making it easy to carry out. Originally designed by Japanese illustrator Itsuko, the pattern is elegant and vivid. The ballet enthusiasts unanimously agreed that the illustrator's action standards and meticulousness. 👉More styles https://www.pinkoi.com/store/balletart?category=14 https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4666/40606991672_6dc8c5f6d6_b.jpg


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