Bottle in the forest__Botanical floating vase / flat wine bottle

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His name is the forest in the bottle. Like a small concert, the plants in the bottle have different tones. Helichrysum i



inthismoment ショップへ

Bottle in the forest__Botanical floating vase / flat wine bottle


A botanist said: The life cycle of plants is just like human beings, reborn in adversity and grows after dying.

Plants and life will experience different environments and lives, and will thrive in their own unique posture; in the old leaves of the new shoots, find a way to grow.
Just like all the adventures in the life course, despite the seemingly unchanging daily life, it slowly becomes what you want because of a little change.

Using floating vases and thousands of new shoots, everyone can be a botanist in their own life, recording beautiful pieces in the story; it's not just a vase of plants, it's the ability to write down every life. The most memorable gift.

**What is a floating flower?**
Floating flowers (also known as Herbarium) are made of special oil for dry flowers and floating flowers. Because they are soaked in mineral oil for a long time, they are not in direct contact with the air, so they can be stored longer than normal dry flowers, and of course they can be made of flowers. The color and appearance remain more perfect.

**What can a floating vase do?**
Just like we like to plant plants at home, the floating vase is actually a kind of plant, but you don't need to water it for irrigation, she can always keep the most beautiful look, suitable for home design that is used as decoration, changing atmosphere, or Give gifts to relatives and friends as a gift, instead of living a bouquet to bless the people around you.

【Product specifications】
Contents: dry plants, flowers, Japanese floating flower oil (non-toxic but not edible)
Basic flowers: Helichrysum, Reindeer Moss, Rabtail, Youjiali, Sago Dew (flowers may be replaced by seasons)
Size capacity: 7.5cm X H14cm/ 200ml
Place of Origin: Taiwan & Japan

【storage method】
Avoid direct sunlight and keep it well for about several years

Using the texture of the cloth and the re-engraving of the seal, combined with the small card decoration on the bottle mouth, the small details in the inside are the traditional wax rope to make the whole of the floating vase from the visual, tactile and even the slight sense of smell. The story of nature or botanists has a mutual response.

‧ Please avoid approaching the fire source
‧ In case of shortage of flowers, will be notified and changed to replace other flowers
‧ The color, shape and size of the plants are different, and each finished product will be slightly different.


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