Grapefruit forest hand-glazed - fine weaving fine - long earrings - (can be increased clip-free increase) asymmetric design models

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Grapefruit forest handmade glass - Yan Zhi Jing Hao - long glass earrings - (can be increased clip-free increase) asymme



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Grapefruit forest hand-glazed - fine weaving fine - long earrings - (can be increased clip-free increase) asymmetric design models


★ This earring is asymmetrical design

★ 1 number of earrings = 1 pair (all sent in 1 pair)

★The glass of shell shape is different, each may be more round, some may be more oval, and some may even lack a corner. This is the charm of the handwork, please do not specify, for example, to be round... Wait

★ Photo accessories will be replaced with other accessories if they are out of stock. Pictures can be viewed before the shipment. If there is no special note, they will be shipped randomly.

★Can be changed from clip-on without price increase, please specify new type or old type when subscripting
(If only the replacement clip type is specified, the new model will be used)

★ Need to upgrade 925 sterling silver needle please go to the subscript here

★ The glass earrings are more difficult to make and must be fired with a very large number of them. Picking out 2 patterns from the inside and matching the size, the two will still be slightly different.

★ Red is a more special material. Under a certain probability, it may be partial orange. Please allow friends to accept subscripts.

★ antique silver hardware accessories, chains, etc., will naturally oxidize and discolor after a period of use, mind water and water do not subscript

★ The grapefruit forest hand-glazed glass is promoting earth environmental protection + hermit crabs changing activities. In order to love and protect our mother Earth, we don’t provide gorgeous packaging on our own initiative. We use simple packaging and paper bags. If you want to send someone, please inform us in advance.

★ Do not imagine, think ... wait for shopping, thank you very much

★ For other notes, please read [detailed] Read "Design Management Transaction Policy" on the right.

★ 14 days for the work production period, international letters may exceed the 14-day working period, friends who are in a hurry, please do not subscript

Refer to Figure 4

Material: Hand-fired glass + anti-allergy steel needle + imported art copper + hardware accessories

The glass part should not be subjected to very strong impact. Generally, the impact is relatively harmless, but it is also not recommended (such as accidentally dropped to the ground). This section is equipped with anti-allergy steel needles. It is recommended to use alcohol tablets or steel needles for sterilization every time.

Do not place wet, soot space for a long period of time, such as: bathroom, kitchen, etc.

brand introduction:

Every glass pearl lives with an elf. She smiles at her if she likes it.
Let's also like that she will be happy every day when she watches her mood unconsciously.

The “glazed glass” that requires 1300 degrees of heat to quench the chain is a gift given to the fire. The glass that you want to present in the grapefruit forest is not only a decoration but also a small art piece that can be incorporated into your life. Among them, hidden unique and tough passion
Origin / manufacturing methods
Grapefruit handmade glass designer exclusive design to create


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