Outing Fun - mimosa healing potted plant light green desk

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**Outing Fun** After school is the most happiest, is not homework, Can drawing, playing blocks and running in the park


Outing Fun - mimosa healing potted plant light green desk


**Outing Fun**

After school is the most happiest, is not homework,
Can drawing, playing blocks and running in the park of the trees, carefree play!

With variety ---**Mimosa**
The first time people interact with plants, leaves subjected to external force, it will immediately close the contraction,
Pretty loved by women and children, leaves will be closed at night state, the seeds from the cotyledons,
After the leaf is generated for a period of time, it turns yellow and falls off, which is a natural cycle of growth and circulation.

**Mimosa Care Memo Notes**
Due to mimosa like plenty of light, at least 6-8 hours a day light is particularly good,
If you can not shine everyday, please place it on the bay window with plenty of sunshine.
Moisture supply also need not too much, just to maintain the red line at the water level index can be.
If the mimosa yellowish leaves, please immediately pruning, pruning, be careful not to cut the coarser trunk, if there have fallen leaves, but also clean up and increase the light time. Often need to pay attention to the status of plants, mimosa growth cycle fast, as long as care properly, a few days later will emerge new leaf buds.

【Maintenance method】
Light source LIGHT
Provide six to eight hours daily light to help plants in the bottle photosynthesis at the same time,
Also illuminate your living space.

No daily watering, depending on plant species and climate, pay attention to water level every week
Time to add water can be.

Most of the native plants in tropical and subtropical regions, the temperature should not be below 15 degrees Celsius, winter
Please avoid placing outdoors.
Care instructions please refer to the schematic
(A) Charge the USB power cord when the power is exhausted.
(Charge for 30 minutes to maintain about 4 hours of lighting)
(B) Please use the LED remote control every day, open the light for 4 hours.
(C) When the water level is lower than the red warning line, please fill the water inlet with water.

Cabin basic equipment
- Cottage with plant body * 1
-LED light source remote control * 1
-USB charging cable * 1 (charging cable length about 1 m)
- Instructions

Hut size
9 cm x 13 cm x 14 cm

【About us】
Green Pandora means a perfect gift of perfect green
Not only passive gifts of greenery, more initiative to invite you,
Become the owner of this green, personally planted their own story,
With the green from bud to leaf, grow robust,
As if to write another chapter in my life,
Let Green Pandora interact and connect with your life,
Let Green Pandora work with you to create a green miracle!


Hut transparent bottle is not "glass", but made of PET,
Due to the traces of the mold and the ripple generated when the injection will be more obvious,
So the bottle can not be 100% perfect! Perfectionist bid before you think twice!

If the urgent need to order, please use the station letter to ask about the current stock situation Oh!
Commodity map for illustrative purposes, according to the stock situation at the time to provide the best condition of the plant.
Because plants are unique to each one, they do not grow exactly the same even if they are the same.
Please be sure to accept the above description, and then order Oh ~

Because the product contains live plants or seeds package
, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries, guests,
Do not directly subscript, please confirm the letter to Xiaobian station confirmed, and then orders Oh ~

Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin Taiwan


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