Double buckle large capacity backpack (14 吋 laptop OK) hemp red _100398

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◆Concealed elastic mesh bag + anti-slip zipper design ◆Water repellent nylon ◆6 inner bag +5 outer bag + key ring ◆14 el



Double buckle large capacity backpack (14 吋 laptop OK) hemp red _100398


{Ma feeling double buckle after the backpack design product introduction}
◆Concealed elastic mesh bag + anti-slip zipper design
◆ Imitation linen texture sanding nylon cloth
◆6 inner bag +5 outer bag + key ring
◆14 electric OK (15 吋 can be placed outside the protective pad)
◆Anti-shock back pad + elastic band
◆Back zipper straight through the main inner bag
◆ Breathable mesh layer is not hot for a long time
◆Removable chest buckle
◆Top cover hidden zip pocket
◆Excellent load can reach 9~10KG
Taiwan design
◤◤ Shockproof. Safety ◢◢
Thick foam pad with telescopic elastic nylon devil felt strap for safer notebook
15 吋 notebook can be placed outside the protective pad
Inside the protective pad, 14 inches of notebook can be placed (with a thickness of 2cm)
◤◤ Durable. Water repellent
The fabric is made of natural linen and matt nylon fiber with waterproof coating on the back.
When it meets water, the surface will be wet, but it will not leak into the inner layer. It is a functional fabric with water proofing.
But in case of heavy rain or direct water jet
Will still leak into the inner layer from the seam, pay attention
◤◤ Large capacity. 3 days and 2 nights clothing
Notebook 13吋 (14吋 thickness less than 2cm) + iPad + A3 size file
Original documents, clothing, etc., large and small items can be easily placed
◤◤ Intimate back side zipper opening design◢◢
The back side zipper opening is straight through the main inner bag for better retrieval
◤◤ Concealed elastic mesh bag. Slip zipper design◢◢
Newly added space zipper elastic mesh bag on the left side pocket
Special zipper design that does not automatically slide out when the force is external
Most of the kettles sold in the market can be easily placed.
◤◤ Optional accessories (multi-layered easy-to-use bag)◢◢
夹 Front large pocket with a compartment pocket ◢◢
◤◤Simple cap type double zipper + top cover hidden zipper bag design◢◢
Black metal double buckle for added bag type
◤◤ Network layer. Breathable. Stand upright
Breathable special mesh layer on the back, long back is not stuffy
The bag type stands upright
◤◤ detachable chest buckle ◢◢
The chest buckle is buckled to prevent the strap from slipping off, and the bag is more conformable to the human body.
Reduce the shaking of the backpack while walking, especially during more intense activities
Can provide a stable load
◤◤ Easy disassembly of chest buckle ◢◢
◤◤ intimate little details◢◢
When you are traveling, you can remove the chest buckle and buckle the backpack carrying ribbon and the luggage lever.
The bag does not fall, it is easy to pull
◤◤ decompression strap + double sewing ◢◢
A strap with a thickness of about 1 cm allows you to apply heavy pressure when carrying heavy loads
Strap force point to strengthen double seam
Excellent load capacity up to 9-10kg
BBAGCOM bag exclusive portable dust jacket ◢◢

◤◤Product size◢◢
‧Wide (cm) / Above: 31 Bottom: 26
‧High (cm) / 40
‧thick (cm) / top: 13 bottom: 16
‧weight / 740g

◤◤Color◢◢ (Color store links)

BBagcom bag exclusive portable dust jacket ◢◢

◤◤Washing method◢◢
In case of small dirt, please dilute the diluted neutral detergent with a damp cloth, wipe it gently, and place it in a ventilated place. Do not soak the water for too long or rub the alcohol during washing, there is a risk of fading or staining.

◤◤Add purchase reference ◢◢ (<<Multi-layered easy to use bag link>>)


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