Hand Leather - Leather Key Ring (Rooster Modeling). Mushroom Poet + Hand = The Mushroom Hand. (Key ring, ornaments, styling keys, animals)

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Hand Leather - Leather Key Ring (Rooster Modeling). Mushroom Poet + Hand = The Mushroom Hand. (Key ring, ornaments, styling keys, animals)


cock Because of the punctuality and valiant image, in the world of civilization in general has a smart, intelligent and full of bright symbol. Chicken in the twelfth zodiac, by the Chinese people think is honest, loyal symbol, can also bring good luck, happiness and protection. The Nordic culture and the Celtic culture of Central Europe regarded the cock as a symbol of the sun and light. The cock is a bright cry every morning, so that the ancient Greek culture that it is defeated the night, the sun's representative, its holy image is often used to symbolize the sun god Apollo, god Zeus, Titan giant Prometheus and farmers God of Artis. Leather Key Ring (Rooster Modeling) Material: leather leather, metal parts There are a variety of animal modeling key ring Oh! PS: After the goods are set, remember to contact us to confirm the good color of the goods Or remember to write in the note you / you want the color style !! All orders to confirm the goods will begin after the production, order making about a week, So please be patient waiting Oh, very grateful ~ ^ ^ Use and maintenance: If you are wet or wet with water, use a towel or a clean cloth to dry the water quickly, Placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally. To avoid direct exposure in the sun, will reduce the life of a skin. Leather normal use will have to eat oil and other wear and tear, so to regularly clean, First clean the surface of the stains of leather to remove the clean, and then put the leather maintenance oil on the clean cotton, And then even wipe the surface can be evenly, the leather will be used for personal habits and accumulated a unique traces. Product Description: Leather goods are pure hand-sewn, with a variety of leather materials and all kinds of materials, And combined with a variety of colors out of a unique taste of the United States, each commodity is injected Our intentions, to bring you is close to each other, into the life of leather things. brand introduction: The leather when the art of creation, into the life experience and emotion, Combined with professional technology, and mushroom poets to complete every piece of leather are Unique, also has its own story. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan


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