Minimalist Collection-Blue Halo Moonstone Ring

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The minimalist arc silver ring line with the cool blue halo moonstone is suitable for you who are simple and restrained.


Minimalist Collection-Blue Halo Moonstone Ring


【concept of design】 Minimal arc lines, blue halo moonstone in cool colors, suitable for you who are simple and restrained. [Material and manufacturing method] The ring uses 925 international standard silver, hand-made and repaired in Taiwan, limited design silver jewelry, no electroplating. The blue halo Moonstone selected by the mosaic designer. You can also customize the ring body material, such as 10k, 14k, 18k white k gold, yellow k gold, rose gold, Pt white gold, the price is calculated separately, and a separate store for you. 【size】 The widest part of the ring is about 6mm. Before placing an order, please confirm the size of your ring with the designer (according to the international ring). Because the size and blue halo of each moonstone are slightly different, please confirm with the designer the current items and sizes of moonstone before placing an order! [Lettering service] If you need a lettering service, you can send a deep laser (the best lettering at present) for an additional cost. [Circle measurement] Method 1: Take out the old ring and measure the inner diameter of the ring. For example: 16.5mm Method 2: Measure "International Wai" at a silver building or jewelry store, or try it on at a silver jewelry store. Wai, and tell the designer what is the number of international Wai. Method 3: Measure the perimeter directly in the studio (this is of course the most accurate). ▼ Special attention: Using paper and thread to measure the ring circumference will have great errors. It is recommended that you must measure the ring circumference clearly in order to achieve the best results. If the size of the ring is not the same due to measurement errors, you can send it back to the designer and fix some costs to help you modify it, so please be sure to confirm the ring! 【Product packaging】 Texture packaging box, thick clip chain storage bag, silver cloth [Silver maintenance] 1. Frequent wearing is the best way to maintain your body. The oil on your body can make the surface of silver jewelry have a natural luster, The jewelry does not easily turn black. 2. If you do not wear it for a long time, you can wipe it with a silver cloth and put it in the attached thick clip chain bag to seal it. The sulfide in the gas reacts. 3. Avoid soaking in hot springs and touching chemicals to avoid vulcanization and blackening. 4. Usually clean and maintain, you can use a soft toothbrush with a dishwashing detergent to gently scrub, wash with water and dry. 5. If it is exposed to air for a long time, the surface will be cured and turned black, and it can be washed with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Dip in toothpaste, push, wash with water, wipe dry, and wipe with a silver cloth. 6. For severely blackened silver jewelry, first wash the grease with dishwashing liquid + hot water, then prepare a small pot, add water and salt ( 5 parts of water + 1 part of salt), boil until it boils, put in aluminum foil, and put blackened silver ornaments for a few minutes. The surface is silver sulfide It will be reduced to pure silver. After turning white, remove it and clean it. ((Does not apply to silver that is intentionally blackened.) May be washed all white)) 7. Soak silver water for 10 seconds, remove and wash, or use a soft cloth to wipe the silver milk. 8. If you want regular maintenance or polishing, you can ask the designer for assistance according to the business card information.


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