2/29 Fishing Port Light Travel / Ocean Edition Fragrance Table Flower + Candle + Perfume Making Class

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In this course, you will come to the Zhengbin Fishing Port in Keelung. The colorful houses along the coast are like Cinque Terre in Taiwan. We will precipitate the soul together and prepare our own marine fragrance spray and essential oil candles. As the c
2020/2/29 (土)
活動日 3 天前需付款完成
台湾 / 基隆市
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2/29 Fishing Port Light Travel / Ocean Edition Fragrance Table Flower + Candle + Perfume Making Class


**The original ecology Natureworld X Singhamayama-Masako Minatomachi art co-creation** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49364970443_878b66070b_b.jpg "Light Travel X Handmade Experience" This time Yen took the course to the harbor, a quiet and full-featured Zhengbin fishing port. The colorful houses make people feel as if they have come to Italy. "Environmental Creation X Ocean" 70% of the planet we live in is covered by water. This supplies the needs of all things, and also breeds infinite life. We collected discarded fishing nets and combined them with this course work. We also combined with short meditation courses to see the beauty and sorrow of the ocean. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49365429621_31000328f9_b.jpg "Marine Theme / Floral X Fragrance Course" You will personalize your own marine scent spray and essential oil candle with your taste. While the candles are solidifying, let's make a beautiful ocean fragrance table together. "Plant of Plant Intelligence" Yen, who is good at the study of plant and flower language, will take you to know flowers and essential oils from different angles. Course content: 1. Marine soul healing journey, seeing the heart of the ocean 2. Marine fragrance modulation (candle + spray) and production 3. Ocean fragrance table flower making 4. Plant Power Catch Week Course works: Ocean Fragrance Table Flower * 1 Fragrance spray 10ml * 1 Scented candle 65ml * 1 Course notes: Respond to environmental protection ♻️ The course works do not provide a carrying bag, you must bring it by yourself, the length 15*width 10*height 20cm https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49365433991_71a63cdbd5_b.jpg [About / Hoshihamayama-Masahama Minato-cho art co-creation] "I believe that the creativity of art can not only enhance the interest in life, but also change the charm of the place." Expand the participation of the people in Keelung, continue the vitality and influence of art and culture in the city, and continuously support the creative freedom of art and literature. Create aesthetic literacy for all people. The “Zhengbin Fishing Port” in Keelung, Taiwan is rich in historical connotation, natural scenery, and fishery development features. It is believed to be the source of creativity for creators, and at the same time to face the issue of local development. Matching local fishery-related staff, community residents and creators and researchers in various fields to share local fishery culture, boat art knowledge exchange and skills learning, and create "work" will become inspiration, reflection, imagination and communication with each other Platform and nurture the artistic life of the local fishing port! ► 2018 Moss Landing-Zhengbin Harbor Co-creation Art Festival was selected as Shopping Design 2018-Best 100 "Local Cultural Promotion Contribution Award" ► Selected as the 107th Youth Village Cultural Action Reward Program of the Ministry of Culture / Reproduction of Keelung Bay-Zhengbin Art Participation and Co-creation Project 2.0 ► Selected as the 106th Youth Village Cultural Action Reward Program by the Ministry of Culture / Jingbin Nostalgic Wharf-Art Participation Co-creation Program ► Ministry of Economic Affairs, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise `` Keelung Masako Port-Fishnet Reconstruction and Rejuvenation '' 2018 Urban and Rural Next Local Manager Plan Class location: 2nd floor, No. 30, Lane 393, Zhongzheng Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City Transportation: Keelung Railway Station transfer to bus or taxi (about 170 yuan), or take Taipei Bus 791 to Zhengbin Fishing Port https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49365433926_acbbf76478.jpg [About / Original Studio] In 2010, a young man in his 20s, with a beautiful dream, hoped that this world could be a better place. I hope that more people will pay attention to the beautiful coexistence of themselves and the environment. The founder Yen thinks that the most beautiful aspect of the world is the original ecology. If a plant is to grow beautiful and healthy, the best growth environment is the native environment, just like most of us like our hometown, and even like to be immersed in the environment. Among the beauty of nature, this is because we humans are also part of nature, and the earth is the hometown of all of us. Each of us has a responsibility to take good care of this planet. Original Eco Studio is a gardening company. Through the combination of physical and network channels, we strive to integrate more into the human life circle. In addition to living plant decorations or dried flower products, we have made many handmade products. For plant products, we look forward to making consumers use it with peace of mind. In addition to paying attention to the quality of the product ingredients, we pay more attention to the environmental issues caused by the ingredients and packaging methods. Modern people ’s fast consumption habits often create a lot of garbage or It is pollution. I think this problem should be returned to manufacturers, and at the same time, consumers' sense of consumer responsibility should be cultivated. In addition, we have also launched an experience course combining fragrance and floral art with the change of the four seasons. We hope that the ancient wisdom of more plants can be spread and heal more people's hearts, let love pass out, and create good for people and for the earth. Well, a mission-oriented consumption model. In the future, we expect the emergence of good and recyclable consumer responsibility. If you have the same idea, welcome to discuss cooperation with us. [About / Lecturer Yen] Graduated from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Founder of Original Eco Studio The Admiralty Show follows people to chase dreams and gardening Citibank VIP Customer Horticulture Lecturer Zhongguang people came to the mad river, too came plant divination Wildlife Conservation Interpreter Expertise: floral art, agriculture and horticulture, plant divination, use of essential oils and herbs