Magi-Steel Steel Jewelry Taiwan Landscape - National Opera Facebook Necklace (Fog Black)

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Magi-Steel Thin Steel Jewelry Butterfly @ Taiwan Replaceable wing butterfly necklace Taiwan Landscape - National Opera M



Magi-Steel Steel Jewelry Taiwan Landscape - National Opera Facebook Necklace (Fog Black)


Magi-Steel Thin Steel Jewelry Butterfly @ Taiwan Replaceable Wing Butterfly Necklace Taiwan Landscape - National Opera Mask Necklace (Fog Black) Exclusive structure patent Medical grade stainless steel China's good design selection works Taiwan Design, Making a Real MIT **Butterfly @ Taiwan Structure Creation Concept** Structural Design: Moore John **"The beautiful land where dreams can be realized"**is the biggest thanks to Taiwanese designers for Taiwan. With a good structural design, the body of the butterfly is transformed into a strong pillar. Taiwan's beauty and innovation are transformed into wings that can be replaced. , the perfect combination of practical and innovative arts, In collaboration with Taiwan's outstanding new designers, they created butterfly wings of different styles, making jewelry a rich and interesting mosaic idea. **Butterfly Yan Taiwan series design concept** Taiwan Landscape Design Concept Design: Moore John Cleverly transforming the "Taiwan Map", "Taipei 101", "National Opera Mask" and "Flower and Grass Impression" into butterfly wings, symbolizing the designer's gratitude and love for the land in Taiwan, and also allowing Taiwanese landscapes to be exquisitely designed and Manufacturing, stunning the world **[process features]** Medical grade stainless steel environmental protection easy to clean and save Precision laser cutting can reach the finest point to 0.1mm Advanced ion plating technology surface carbon-free and nickel-free not fade allergy Full R-angle treatment, no scratching and lightening **[product specification]** Magi-Steel Butterfly @ Taiwan Taiwan Landscape - National Opera Facebook Necklace (Fog Black) Color: fog black Product Number: Whole BFM022; Wings BFM021 Body size: L3.3*W2.3*H0.8cm Body weight: 0.8g Wing (unilateral) size: L5.1*W2.8cm Wings (unilateral) Weight: 2g The whole size: L5.1*W6*H0.8cm The entire weight: 5g (including necklace) Material: Ultra-thin medical grade stainless steel Origin: Taiwan Design and Manufacturing Accessories necklace (single-purchase wings are not included in the necklace) : Black: cotton 38cm, copper extension chain 5cm Other accessories: packing carton Warranty: None **【Precautions】** 1. The color of the product picture will be slightly different due to the difference of the computer screen settings. The color of the actual product shall prevail. Please forgive me. 2. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, during the product appreciation period (non-probation period of the appreciation period), if you need to return the goods, please keep the product intact, please keep the "new unused" status and complete packaging (Including the purchase of goods, accessories, original box and original packaging, random documents, gifts, packaging box, etc. ... must be kept complete) 3. Use a soft cloth to clean it. If there is dirt in the hollow, use a neutral detergent or directly rinse with water and lightly brush with a soft brush; please avoid using strong acid and alkali cleaning fluid, or Harder brush (such as steel brush or pots and pans) to avoid damaging the surface gloss or scratches 4. Lens cleaning Please use the special wipe lens attached to wipe, to avoid damage to the lens, resulting in scratches 5. In the event of a loose frame, damage to the nose pad, or damage to the lens, all new repairs and delivery costs will be borne by the consumer unless new products are found. 6.Because of the high heat dissipation of stainless steel, do not expose it directly to sunlight for more than 20 minutes. If it has been exposed to sunlight for more than 20 minutes, place it in a cool place or cool it with water before wearing it.


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