ID card holder leisure card identification card holder retractable leather

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Designed to protect personal information, just open the lid to display the information, and a card slot is designed on the back. An additional card can be placed in addition to the ID card. There is also a retractable metal to increase the convenience of u


ID card holder leisure card identification card holder retractable leather


1. Ordering process . Choose style = confirm the quantity = place an order = go to checkout = write the color of the metal buckle and the name of the electric burner in the "message to the designer" = confirm the payment 2. Material and size . Cowhide . Horizontal: 10.5cm in length, 7.7cm in width . Straight: length 10.7cm, width 7.2cm . Refer to the size of documents that can be placed, about 9cm in length and 6cm in width . The total length of the neck rope is about 80cm, and the telescopic length is about 30cm . The neck rope is made of leather rope with a total length of 80cm. If you need to extend the length, please contact the studio 3.Style . Light brown wrinkles . Dark green . caramel . Black (can not be customized by electric firing), the black leather material will not be obvious due to electric firing, so it is not suitable for electric firing 4.Style: horizontal, straight . positive . back 5. Select metal color: silver, bronze . If not specified, the studio will always match bronze 6. Choose the color of the neck rope: skin color, black . If not specified, the studio will always be equipped with black 7. suture . The color will be freely matched by the designer. If you have special needs, you can contact the designer directly and the designer will introduce the color of the line for you . The studio uses a burn-in method to close the line, so there are dots that burn the line, not a defect. 8. Electric Burner Name . There are 6 options . Unless otherwise specified, Chinese will be used in "italics" and English will be used in "apple chancery" . You can also edit it yourself to create "jpg" and "bmp" files, contact the designer to discuss and transfer the file to the designer . The characters of dark-skinned leather materials will be less obvious. Please pay attention. If you have any questions, please contact the designer. A designer will explain it for you. Reference font 9. Electric burning position . All are the position of the bottom right corner of the back, refer to the position of the black box in the picture . If you want to burn electricity in other locations, please contact the designer Horizontal Straight 10. Feature Introduction Video 11. Packaging . In order to respond to environmental protection, the studios use simple paper bags for inconvenience, please forgive me 12. Return instructions . If you do not choose a customized product, after receiving the work, if you have not used it, you can submit a return within 7 days from the next day. . Customers who choose electric fonts are customized and will not accept returns . If the above color selection is not stated in advance, after receiving the goods, you cannot apply for return based on the reason of "dislike color matching". 13. Maintenance instructions . When it gets wet, please put it in a ventilated place and let it dry naturally (do not expose to the sun, do not use a hairdryer to dry, do not block, and do not put it in wet places such as the kitchen and bathroom) . Use the leather maintenance oil once every six months to wipe and maintain. Please try it in an inconspicuous place first. After confirming the condition of the leather, wipe it thoroughly! 14. Notes . Due to pure hand cutting and sewing, there will be a slight gap between the actual stitching and the cutting size, which is not a defect . The studio will use a transparent trimming cream on the raw edges of the work to maintain the original skin color, and there will be no discoloration over time. . There will be lines, wrinkles, spots, scars, numbers and other places on the leather. The studio will use these places as design elements and put them into the work to make the work more unique. Therefore, it is not a defect to receive the above situation. !! If you do not want to purchase the works with the above special features, you can tell in the "Remarks" in the order, and try to avoid them, but we cannot guarantee that they will be avoided. Please forgive me . The back of the dermis will generate a small amount of small dander because of a little friction, which is a natural phenomenon and not a defect. . It is normal for leather to produce water stains when exposed to water, and it can be dried naturally in a ventilated place. . The skin color will be based on personal use habits, and the color will be used more and darker! . Actual work colors and photos may have slight color differences due to factors such as device, screen resolution, light, etc. 15. Praise gift giving activity: After receiving this work, the customer who received the work will send a fine leather collection set if they give a positive comment to the library! Colors are randomly delivered by the studio, with limited quantities, while supplies last. Guests who wish to have this service, please indicate "Chengruo gives a positive review" in the remarks 16. All the above requirements (1 ~ 15) can be noted in the "Message to the designer" in the order.


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