Pottery workshop │ product water tank

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The old rock mud water tank is quenched and tested by high temperature, and the appearance is an ever-changing kiln. The



Pottery workshop │ product water tank


The product water tank has three product features: large capacity, easy operation and excellent function. It is equipped with natural pine wood and has a smooth and simple shape. The old rock mud series has been repeatedly fired by high-temperature oxidation-reduction, which makes the soil of the soil show a natural and moist texture. For example, the residual star after quenching produces primitive, natural, coarse ore, and simple, interesting and interesting. The best performance combined with art. When the old rock mud series makes tea, it is conducive to the tea fragrance and the persistence and persistence of the tea rhyme. For example, drinking water, wine tasting and coffee can produce unexpected effects. Old rock mud material Under the appearance of the original Park Gee, there is an ever-changing texture. After quenching at high temperature, the color shows the kiln's enthusiasm, and the simplicity and simplicity reveals the imprint of the craftsmen. It is rich in ore, that is, quartz adobe, which is fired by high-temperature oxidation-reduction. It has the same structure as activated carbon of wheat stone structure, which makes the water quality smooth and tastes delicious and sweet. It presents a granular carcass with slow heat dissipation and better temperature collection than ceramics and porcelain. Suitable for heavy fermentation or fully fermented tea, such as: blush, traditional Tieguanyin, old tea, Pu'er tea, etc. Product specifications Water tank generation Size: 172x203x355mm Capacity: 4000cc Weight: 2490g Place of Origin: Taiwan Water tank second generation Size: 225x200x390mm Capacity: 5600cc Weight: 3070g Place of Origin: Taiwan Maintenance method 1. The cleaning of the utensils is washed one by one to avoid collision with each other. It is best to clean the teapot separately from the lid and the body. 2. The rock mud material has a slow heat conduction, and the tea soup is stable in the tea set; the thick tea fragrance can be brewed in the coating of the old rock mud and the flow through the pores. 3. The raw material is blended with natural rock and clay, which has good water absorption. After use, the color will be more round and bright. This is a normal phenomenon, let it dry naturally or wipe with a dry cloth. Precautions 1. The product water tank faucet is a consumable part. It is recommended to carry out regular maintenance inspection every year. 2. Avoid disassembling the faucet by yourself, so as to avoid water leakage caused by poor installation. 3. The product water tank faucet is guaranteed for one year. The warranty period is effective from the date of purchase and must be accompanied by a proof of purchase invoice or a seal of guarantee of the company. 4. Avoid the consumption of carbonated or granulated drinks to avoid corrosion and blockage of the faucet and accelerate the consumption of the faucet. 5. If the faucet is attached with scale, avoid using a strong decontaminant cleaner. Use a soft brush and clean with a baking soda powder. 6. If there is red rust on the faucet, it is caused by the adhesion of iron in the water, while the calcium component in the water is easy to cause the surface of the faucet to be rough. It can be cleaned regularly with a soft brush. 7. When storing it daily, please wash it thoroughly and dry it. 8. Unusual use, or damage caused by corrosive contents or the environment, is not covered by the warranty.


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