American CESCO company motorcycle car safety glass goggles

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American CESCO motorcycle safety glass goggles, covering the mainstream goggles before and after the war from about 1930 to 1940, because of the style and functionality, many modern astronauts, motorcycle drivers, sports cars driving Goggles that are loved



American CESCO company motorcycle car safety glass goggles


**Name: American CESCO Motorcycle Safety Glass Goggles** Between 1930 and 1940, the mainstream goggles were covered before and after the war. Because of their style and functionality, many contemporary astronauts, motorcycle drivers, sports car drivers, and surfers love to wear goggles. The structure of the glasses is almost the same as that of the ordinary glasses, and the two lenses have the shape of the etched f on the top of the lens. The material is made of a thickened lens with no degree. The main function is to resist the impact of the sand and the splash on the eye, to achieve the purpose of protection. effect. The metal of the ear hook part is a spiral spring type design, which can adjust the amplitude of the ear hook according to the ear shape of the user, and the outer part of the ear hook is covered with a brown rubber tube, so that the user can comfortably wear the goggles. **Way of use** **Mainly used for wearing on the eyes, resisting strong winds and gravel to protect the eye** 1. The main frame of the glasses frame is large, which can prevent most sandstone from entering the eye. 2. Take the thickened lens to enhance the impact resistance. There is an etched f on the top of the mirror edge. 3. The nose pad part adopts a large nasal design 4. The ear hook is a spiral spring design, which can be adjusted with the user. **Product specifications** Material: Silver alloy metal Origin: USA USA Dimensions: 13.5cm on the front of the frame / 12.7cm on the frame Weight: Overall 32g Phase: The overall functionality is good, the use of brackets and lenses in the subtle age, traces of age Product accessories: Brown silicone hose (for inserting into the ear hook for added comfort) ※Note: Degree users can change eyepiece lenses by themselves. __搜古 Sogood retro craft__mainly in the form of bones, antiquities, and time art. These items can be given the conditions of becoming a master after the accumulation of time and years, so they will be left behind in time. The traces of history are not displayed in a new attitude, but in the store as a result of the experience. It is also because of the embellishment of time that the value of the director can be achieved. Buyers who pursue perfectionism and new products should think twice before they place an order. Have the opportunity to taste the art and beauty of you together with you. ※__any explanation, please do not hesitate to leave a message before you buy__


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