Dry flower series combination banana clip

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Dry flowers originated from the European court aristocrats. As the world economy prospers, from luxuries to folklore, po



Dry flower series combination banana clip


Let spring come into our life. Dry flowers with natural flavor, leading CINLAX desire to return to nature, the use of ingenuity in plants and flowers, dotted with the beauty of the existence of harmony with nature, the creation of the true value of the hair accessories. Cloth source: Italy, France, South Korea imported fabric manufacturing Material: Korean banana clip (10cm), dried flowers, hairpin (5cm) Appearance: bow about 8.5 * 5cm / flower about 4-4.5cm Product Description: A banana clip, two dry flower hairpin ♥ Product Description: 1. Dry flowers are natural flowers, will fade over time weathered, the preservation of the age and the surrounding environment has a great relationship, as far as possible in the ventilation, keep the ventilation, and occasionally open the dehumidifier dry, it will not mold Hello (Dry about 2-3 months, the most beautiful color; 3-6 months, the color will fade slightly.) 2. Flowers under natural products, each color tone gestures are different, but a little different presentation, to create only your "unique style." 3. To allow multiple styles, to maintain originality, please confirm whether there is material before making an order, if no material will be informed. 4. Due to pure hand-made, there may be a little residue or suture, but does not affect the texture of the goods, please assess whether the acceptable orders. 5. Because each computer and photo resolution are different, it is inevitable and the real product will have some color (shooting has been as close as possible with the primary colors), can not be the reason for the return. If unacceptable buyers do not order, thank you. With the rapid change of inspiration from Cimei, CINLAX strives to create "unique style" only for you, so that you can record every unforgettable moment in your life in a beautiful moment. Cinlax, It is a representation of inspiration and the dream. Longing for freedom, creating the unique and exquisite accessories that people desire to have. Clinax designing, producing the handicraft accessories, additionally, it could combine the individual characteristics of Just you & me. In the meanwhile, it will make you capture the beautiful moment and will leave a memorable trace in life. CINLAX は dream and thinking う の performance で す, free を ん ん で, unique and rival の ア ク サ リ ー を create し て, people 々 ち ち た い い desu. CINLAX 手 つ く り の ア ク セ サ リ ー と Just you & Me の 个人 ス タ イ ル, い つ で も 美 美 し い Instant, 一生 忘 れ ら れ な い 时间 を 全 て 記 い ta shi ma su. IN 과영 감 을 표 현 하는 CINLAX 는 자유 를 갈 망 하고 특 별 함 을 창 조 하며 사랑 하는 이 의 취 향 을 담아 수공 으로 세밀 하게 설제 제작 되는 액 세서 리로 당신 의 빛나 는 순간 을 위해 평생 잊지 못못 시간 을기 록 해드 립니다


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