Small bag | painted plant, cult

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There are a lot of small things scattered in life, and small zippers can help us and reduce the trouble of finding them.



Small bag | painted plant, cult


►Commodity description: (The cloth design does not provide a small amount or a single piece of personalized customer service) There are a lot of small things scattered in life. Small zippers help us and reduce the hassle of finding them. The size of the small bag is suitable for small change, headphones, credit cards, stamps, necklaces, etc. There is also a side pocket inside, and it may also play a big role in watching small spaces. How to use it, hand it over to you who are good at sorting out and making the best use of it! ►Commodity features: The Chinese medicine series designed with cloth on the outer layer - "painting" and "Pang Cang". The story of cloth flower: taking materials from the body to adjust the body, tonic materials commonly used - Chinese medicine, their organic shape and unique texture, through the color blocks and hand-painted, let the specific oriental image into a modern vocabulary, presented in the cloth products in. This collection was inspired by the Asian practice of nurturing wellness and enhancing diets - traditionalChinese medicine. The fabrics are brimming withorganic shapes and unique patterns. Through colourblocks and hand drawing, the designs transformed oriental concepts into a modern vocabulary. The fabric texture itself is mixed with some cotton shells and has a retro feel. The actual color is very beautiful, even the photos are difficult to show 100%! **Please note that the products under the same piece of fabric will have different color combinations and combinations due to different cutting parts, which will increase the uniqueness and value of each product!** The inner layer is made of cloth fabric and carefully dyed blue plain fabric, which is not easy to fade and is not easy to be dirty. ► Cloth control: Paint 2. Pinnacle ►Product size: The height is 9.5cm x and the widest point is 13cm in the middle and the bottom is 3.5cm in width (the size is ±1cm is normal). There is an open pocket on the inside of the bag. ►Washing instructions The fabric is recommended to be washed with cold water or normal temperature water; if the surface is dirty, use a shower gel or shampoo to gently rub it, then wash it with water. Do not use a brush to scrub. If the product parts have metal and leather parts, please avoid them when cleaning. The products are exquisite bags, which reduce the number of cleanings and increase the service life of the products. ►Manufactured in Taiwan handmade Made in Taiwan / handmade / Limited Edition [Intimate reminder] 1. The color difference of the photo has been adjusted to the minimum. The color of the product will still be inaccurate due to different computer screen settings. The color will be slightly different depending on the lighting of the shooting environment. Please refer to the actual product. Every time there is a color difference in the printing of each batch of fabric, please let the buyer know that it is acceptable before purchasing. 2. The cloth design does not provide a small or single piece of personalized customer service. 3. Each shipping cost includes the handling of merchandise finishing, manual packaging and logistics personnel. 4. If you have any questions about the product, please ask before the payment is completed! 欢迎 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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