Adjustable rope length [soft ear buckle + ear hanging cloth mask cover-three-dimensional XS children 6-12 years old applicable]

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This product is a three-purpose, non-medical mask. You can put the medical mask or filter cloth into the mask cover and use it as a cloth mask. , Breathable Taiwanese cotton cloth, which can be replaced and cleaned. XS is suitable for school-age children aged 6-12 ★Comfortable soft ear buckles can adjust the length of the ear lanyard to make the mask more co


Adjustable rope length [soft ear buckle + ear hanging cloth mask cover-three-dimensional XS children 6-12 years old applicable]


The fourth-generation improved version adds the ear buckle adjustment function-a comfortable soft ear buckle made in Taiwan and an ear lanyard made of cotton thread are added, allowing people with different faces to adjust the length of the ear buckle at any time. The fine-tuning of the version is more suitable and more comfortable , The mask cover can also be used as a cloth mask, which is economical and affordable. Replaceable mask cover + ear-hanging cloth mask (this product does not contain masks). You can put medical masks or filter cloth into the mask cover to reduce the number of dirty medical masks and the number of throwing them after use. Used as a cloth mask, the mask cover can be used after washing and drying. ✔ Added rubber ear buckles made in Taiwan ✔ Added ear lanyard made of Taiwan cotton thread ✔Put the medical mask or filter cloth into the mouthpiece through the side opening ✔After inserting flatly, you can unfold the mask and use it with the mask lanyard ✔You can also fold the lanyard on the side of the mask slightly inward and plug it into the entrance cover. ◎The inner and outer materials of the mask cover are made of Taiwanese cotton. The inner and outer mouthpieces are made of thin cotton, which is highly breathable and does not wear the mouth. It is sewn by the crochet method and is not easily deformed after washing. Please feel free to buy and use. The "three-dimensional design" is the same as general/medical masks, it fits the face better, and is comfortable to wear without tightness. ■Size: XS size-about 11 cm from bridge of nose to chin, about 17 cm from left cheek to right cheek ■Material: Breathable cotton cloth ■Cleaning method: general detergent, hand wash and dry. [Origin / manufacturing method] Handmade in Taiwan <Notes> ★The mask cover is a personal hygiene product and cannot be returned or exchanged. ★This product does not contain medical masks or filter cloth ★The photos may differ from the real color of the product due to different viewing media, please take the same as the real color as much as possible, please forgive me. ★Hand-sewn products, the size error of the mask is ±3%, the stitches and the product photos are slightly different or slightly incorrect, or the stitches are not flat, it is a normal phenomenon, non-defective products, if you don’t mind, place an order again ,Thank you. ★Currently, Chunghwa Post has a list of countries where international mail is suspended. If consumers in the countries in this list want to purchase goods, please do not use Chunghwa Post to place an order. Thank you for your cooperation.


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