Mirako Japanese Kendo High Top Casual Shoes Ivory

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Mirako Japanese Kendo High Top Casual Shoes Ivory



Mirako Japanese Kendo High Top Casual Shoes Ivory


**Keikogi Reworked Shoes from Japan** "Hehe!" Drink! Inheriting the blood of Japanese samurai In that game after another The glorious retirement of the samurai does not mean the end "Rebirth" once again https://youtu.be/Gwp_9ppFSmo *Product specifications* Product size: Euro size 35~45 (Japan size 22.5~29) **This version is half a size larger. For those who like to wear a little looser or have the habit of wearing thick socks, you can order it in the usual Converse size (for example: originally wearing #42, you can order #42) If you are not used to wearing socks, please order small One yard** Material: upper Japanese kendo clothing fabric, inner breathable mesh, midsole cork + environmentally friendly latex insole, vulcanized rubber outsole Packing: exquisite shoe box + dust cover **This product is a customized Made to Order product, which needs to be made after the order is placed (about 20 working days after the order is placed)** The color of the product image file will be slightly different due to the difference in computer screen settings, and the actual product color shall prevail. https://www.sunlitor.com/SIZE/measure_size.jpg Custom Made to Order products are made according to the foot length, foot width, and foot circumference cm information you have informed after the order is placed. We recommend that you make them in a suitable size. If there are new product defects or inconsistent sizes, we will do our best Modification, if it really cannot be resolved, it will be re-made. Customized products are hand-made according to your needs after the order is placed. Therefore, returns cannot be accepted at the beginning of the production. If there are new product defects or incorrect sizes, we will do our best to modify them. The color of each batch of leather material for each custom shoe will have a shade, because the dye time is different, but it is basically within the same hue, the color error value is about 10-15%, but under the premise that the material is just used up Buy new materials, because it is real leather and not synthetic leather, so this will happen. The shoes in this store are customized shoe styles, materials and colors. They are not customized to the customer’s foot shape, because the customer’s foot must be measured to customize the foot shape. Consumers must visit the shop’s studio to measure their feet. The price part is 3~4 times the unit price of the current shoe model, so if the customer wants to customize the foot type and shoe model, our studio can also make it, but the time must be agreed with the studio to order. If the material is the harder leather material, some people will wear it a bit at the beginning, but with the long wearing time, the leather will become softer and softer. This is normal phenomenon, but stiff shoes and soft shoes are different Good, stiff shoes, wear for a long time, the shoe shape can still maintain the texture of the shoe itself. Origin / manufacturing method Made in Taiwan & Handmade Shoes


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