Irodo hand-made transfer sticker for iron-free cloth/heart-shaped geometric/red

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Special hand-made transfer for iron-free fiber, heart-shaped geometric / red is used for hand-made teaching, children's art sticker experience, DIY, experience courses and other occasions. It can be applied to (handmade books, bags, cloth shoes, bags and other cloth types) )



Irodo hand-made transfer sticker for iron-free cloth/heart-shaped geometric/red


The classic red love heart will never go out of fashion, and the cute and vivid colors and shapes can be printed or used in combination. The transfer sticker is made of special Japanese fiber, and it can be printed on most cloth and leather products without an iron, and it is not easy to fade and print off. The characteristics of stackable coating and different sizes of patterns can also allow adults and children to create freely and use their imagination! **〔Record the moving of life〕** Life can be simple or complex, Play with full creativity in a moment, and create unlimited imagination for a long time, No matter what is recorded, the most important thing is to "leave your own touch." **〔Enjoy your own bag work-teaching video〕** **〔Design temperature stationery-teaching video〕** **〔Make your own bag-teaching video〕** **〔Simple steps-complete featured works〕** The cosmetic bags and stationery transferred in daily life add creativity to cheer yourself up every day. No ironing, stackable coatings for free creation. Every simple step hopes that you will focus on creativity and imagination, and no transparent white edges will remain after scraping. Let each book be able to make its own hand-made book, and the printed material can be washed with a washing machine. In addition to the colorful patterns, it is also a transfer sticker that can be safely used and created regardless of age. It is also very suitable to inspire children's creativity and imagination. Watching children's serious productions, their hearts will melt. It can cultivate the feelings between parents and children, and let children complete their own unique works! **〔Buy at a premium for the bag, DIY right away when you go home〕** **〔Special transfer stickers for iron-free-product specifications〕** Style: Heart-shaped geometry / red Size: 16x8cm (including outer packaging) Material: PP polypropylene Origin: Made in Japan **〔Tote bag and bag-product specifications〕** Size: 33x39cm Material: Cotton Origin: Made in Taiwan **〔Commodities of the same series〕** Iron-free transfer and heart-shaped geometry / gold: **〔How to use〕** 1. Cut the pictures you need. 2. Pre-typesetting to confirm the paste position. 3. Tear off the transparent film. 4. Scratch evenly with hard objects. 5. Tear off the protective film on the matte surface. 6. Use a clean cloth surface to lightly press tightly. **〔 Precautions〕** 1. irodo can be used in most cloth and fiber materials. Materials such as paper, plastic and metal may not fit perfectly. 2. irodo cannot be reused! It can be removed with a special glue remover, but please pay attention to whether it will affect the material of the cleaning surface. 3. Do not clean on the first day after transfer. 4. Please use hand washing as much as possible. If you need machine washing, please put it in a laundry bag and wash in a gentle mode. After long-term washing, it may gradually peel off due to different materials and patterns. 5. Can not be used in a clothes dryer, rapid changes in wet and dry may cause deterioration and cracking.


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