Romantic Japanese and Korean X hand guard natural wool texture mouse pad | original handmade

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Romantic Japanese and Korean X hand guard natural wool texture mouse pad | original handmade


Decompression of the hand axis, bid farewell to the hard desktop ● After the order is placed, the product is made, and it is filled with love and hand-made temperature, which is absolutely unique ● All products are handmade, and the products produced will have gaps in normal values ● Temporary cancellation and refund is not possible after booking, please confirm again and then place your order♡ ▎The work uses wool // Australia imported wool ▎Material // Australian imported wool ▎Size // about 14 X 17 cm (thickness about 0.6-0.8 cm) / ▎**Product production time** Because the designer has other design projects, product production needs to be scheduled! ●Wool felt is all handmade, it is recommended to place an order in advance (welcome to inquire with the designer before ordering) Product production time is after the order is placed / about 7-14 days on average / (if there is an advance or delay, it will be notified in advance) ▎**Send product packaging** ● Basic packaging + intimate anti-pressure, anti-collision bubble belt (Additional purchase of 30 yuan) gift packaging + ribbon + intimate anti-pressure, anti-collision bubble belt /// ▎**About wool felt** The earliest record of wool felt is 6500 BC, which is more than 8,000 years old. Wool felt works can be kept forever if used properly ♡ Only by repeatedly poking the soft wool back and forth can the work achieve high-density shaping. Every work produced is ❋unique❋, which can be said to be an out-of-print work in the world ▎**About wool** Environmental protection // Can be decomposed by nature; natural // wool grows on the sheep The work uses wool // Australian imported wool ▎**What you need to know** ● All wool felt works in the museum are "handmade" and cannot be copied to be exactly the same as the examples ● The size will be slightly different, but it is definitely within a reasonable range, please rest assured that the buyer ♡ ● Every designer has his own style, please make sure that the product is your favorite style (returns are not accepted because of the style you don’t like, please confirm before placing an order). ● The wool has hairy scales (just like our hair), and there will be normal short wool on the surface of the work. If you mind, you can use small scissors to trim it slightly ● The color of each mobile phone/computer screen is different, and there is little difference between the color of the photo and the actual color. ● Hand-made products do not accept "seven days unconditional return, exchange and refund". If you have any problems with the received products, please discuss privately ★**Work maintenance method**★ The work is not afraid of water getting wet, but this does not mean that it is absolutely waterproof! ! ● If there is dust on the surface, please blow air, fan, blow ball, hair dryer (weak cold wind) to blow off the surface dust ● Wool has natural fibers. It is normal that there are fine wool and hair balls on the surface of the product. Use small scissors to trim it (or use a warm iron to iron the surface). ● When there is dirt, please dry it as soon as possible and wipe gently. Do not clean it violently (do not use washing machines and brushes). ● If you encounter more stubborn dirt, please use "cold water" and "hands" to wipe gently to avoid distortion of the work! ● After cleaning, use bath towels, towels, paper towels to gently press the work to absorb the moisture, and place it in a ventilated place to air dry (do not use a dryer or dehydrator). # Birthday Gift#送礼#手作商品#Customized products# memorial gift# memorial day


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