Ballet around the ankle strap! Deep V cut in heightened pointed shoes olive green MIT full leather

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The deep V-foot cut-out upper perfectly complements the shape of the footprint, and has a 1.8 cm inner heightened design. Two velvet straps with different lengths and widths are attached with the goods. Different leg types can find the most thin wearing me


Ballet around the ankle strap! Deep V cut in heightened pointed shoes olive green MIT full leather

商品説明 ▽▽▽ Precautions before placing an order ▽▽▽ 时 Please be sure to fill in your E-mail in the "Remarks column" when checking out for subsequent electronic invoice issuance🔴 The company cooperates with the Ministry of Finance's electronic invoice policy and issues electronic invoices upon approval by the competent authority. Respond to environmental protection and do not proactively send paper invoices, and send invoice issuance notification letters by E-mail, which will be completed within 48 hours after the order is shipped. - Size: 22-26 (the version is normal, those with a foot width of more than 9.5 will be increased by half, and more than 10 cm is not recommended to buy this section) The selectable size of the store is a spot product, and the priority order of the spot is based on the remittance time. In the event that the goods are sold out, you can choose to wait or cancel the order If the size you want to order does not appear in the size table, it means that the stock is replenished -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 🔺 Ballet around the ankle strap! Deep V cutout heightened pointed shoes with three colors🔺 Black Wine red Dark Olive Green -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 📝Product information: ✔ Color: wine red, dark olive green, black ✔ Internal height: 1.8cm ✔ Material: Counter-level cow patent leather ✔ Inside: Sweat and breathable dolphins ✔ Origin: Taiwan ✔ Product contents: shoes + thick long straps + thin short straps -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 📝 Super comfortable and intimate design 🔸Pointy hoe for Asians & V-shaped notch 🔸Two kinds of velvet bands can be changed at will: long thick bands, short thin bands 🔸 Built-in 1.8 cm height increase design 🔸 Plus comfort! Soft protective soft core insole 🔸Counter-grade non-slip outsole -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 小 Leather maintenance small classroom Genuine leather patent leather is a leather made by spraying paint on the surface of cowhide. With gloss, waterproof, stain-proof and durable. It is normal to wrinkle in a long flexed area while walking. 🔴Maintenance: ✔ Use a clean, damp cotton cloth (no dripping water) to remove surface dust and air dry in a ventilated place (do not expose to the sun). ✔ You can use the "Exclusive Dry Wipe Cream" for leather. Do not use regular shoe cream or brightener. ✔ Store in a cool place during storage. Use shoe stays or insert paper in the shoes to secure the shape. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 📌 Purchase reminder 1. All products in the store have a unified invoice. If you do not receive it, please contact us. 2. The return shipping fee is 75 yuan, please keep the integrity of the product. If the status of the returned product cannot be renewed, it will not be processed. 3.FB Official Fan Page🔎Major Pleasure Women's Shoes Lab


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