Upload your little baby children's drawing / custom 925 sterling silver necklace

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Turn children's children's drawings into accessories, and upload your baby's children's drawings to "Contact Designer" to order immediately!



Upload your little baby children's drawing / custom 925 sterling silver necklace


GIFTIE Sweetheart Gift Brand Selected by the Michelin Guide Won the 2019 Michelin Guide Official Designated Haute Couture Award **Turn children's doodles into beautiful eternal jewelry** Every child is a born artist. GIFTIE's excellent metalworking designer carefully paints precious graffiti of children, and creates unique children's painting accessories for you through exquisite artistic metalworking techniques. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49654544677_df895990ae_b.jpg Necklace, it is the most recent one. It can be connected without words. Wearing the unique graffiti children's painted necklace makes people feel extra beautiful and warm. The power of love is with you. Your little baby's unique children's painted necklace is very fashionable. Whether you are seen at any time at work, socializing, alone, or at a party, your child is your necklace jewelry designer. Only you know that kind of pride. Feel the sweetness of the parent-child connected to the heart, which is worthy of collection! Commodity material: 925 sterling silver Chain material: 925 sterling silver Origin manufacturing: 100% handmade by Taiwanese designers Specifications: The size of the love lion pendant in the picture above is S (1.9 x 1.9cm), and the chain is 18 inches (46cm) You can choose the following different pendant sizes and chain lengths according to your personal favorite size. Our prices vary with different sizes. **Pendant specifications:** **S: 1.5-2.0cm** M: 2.5-3.0cm L: 3.5-4.0cm **Chain specifications:** 16 inches (41cm) 18 inches (46cm) 24 inches (61cm) **Lettering service:** Please provide information when contacting the designer. **Product packaging:** 1. Each product comes with high-end packaging (high-end jewelry inner and outer boxes, silk embossed ribbons, brand handbags). 2. The maintenance instructions for silver jewelry in five languages (Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese). https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50799083471_ba68dd301a_h.jpg **Customized instructions:** 1. After the order is confirmed and the payment is completed, the goods will be sent out within 21 working days (excluding weekdays and national holidays). If you are not sure, please ask in advance. The works are handmade, please wait patiently. 2. As each piece is carefully hand-made by the designer, if it is slightly different from the design drawing, please forgive me. 3. Please confirm carefully before placing an order, because the product is a customized accessory after confirming the order, it is not possible to cancel or change the design. 4. The size of the pendant is reduced in proportion to the design drawing. The designer will adjust the proportion according to the actual design drawing, and there may be an error of 1-2mm. **Weekday maintenance** 1. It is recommended to wear it frequently to prevent silver jewelry from oxidation. 2. If the silver jewelry touches the water, continue to wear it and dry it naturally. 3. If there is oxidation, wipe it with a silver cloth. 4. Wipe the thin chains and buckles carefully and do not pull them to avoid breaking. 5. Put it in a jewelry box or zipper bag to isolate the air and prevent oxidation. 6. Avoid touching hot springs, swimming pools, cosmetics and perfumes. **For you** The original intention of the GIFTIE brand was to help create sweetheart gifts with talent, and is committed to customer-oriented as the top priority. The original products can enjoy a one-year warranty and free maintenance service under normal use, except for silver chain accessories. It is not covered by the warranty. If there are any product and service problems, we will reply to your related questions as soon as possible.


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