Indian hand-painted silk painting yellow background-peacock

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All the hand-made animal silk paintings from Udaipur, India are created with a very thin painting pen of about 0.25 cm. It takes an afternoon to complete an animal painting. [Size] 12.5 x 17cm 【Origin】India ▲ Note: This product does not include a frame.



Indian hand-painted silk painting yellow background-peacock


[Size] 12.5 x 17cm 【Origin】India ▲Note: This product does not include a frame. ===================== "The moral standard of a country depends on the attitude of the people towards animals."-Mahatma Gandhi, India. In India, animals can be said to be ubiquitous and uncommon, and the whole country is their extension platform. These animals will walk on the street like nothing else. It is a kind of surprise and fright in the eyes of foreigners, but it is only daily life in the eyes of Indians. ▲ A cow walking on the road as a running platform. Indians have learned how to get along with the animals on the streets since we were young. When we walk on the road, we often see people lying on the roadside and sleeping with dogs. If the locals buy roadside snacks, they will throw and divide them. For monkeys, dogs and cows on the road. ▲ The only cow on the roadside. India is the largest vegetarian country in the world, and one-fifth of its population is vegetarian, and we believe that this has a great relationship with their close relationship with animals from an early age. "Equality for all beings" is the biggest subject we have learned in India. Every day we can learn the way of getting along with animals from different people. ▲ No matter how hot the weather is and the time is up, Indians will never forget to polite animals. The coexistence with animals allows them to add animals to their artistic creation from generations ago. When they walk on the road, they often see the appearance of concept products related to animals. We have met a few friends of painters. They like painting animals beautifully, as if they can directly feel each individuality in the painting. And they have a saying: "A gentle painter draws animals with soft eyes, and a painter with a bad temper will draw animals with fierce eyes." We smiled and asked, "The painter with a bad heart...?", They laughed and said, "I realized it by myself. I have indeed seen the camel eyes drawn by my friends very strange. Since then, I will not be with him!" Sure enough, all walks of life have different ways of making friends, which is really interesting. The following is Anil, one of our Indian painter friends. We asked him what he thought about eating meat. He said: "If there is a day, I find that Mary or Sam playing with me every day becomes me. Food, what else can I believe?", we have been thinking about this for a long time. They said that when painting, most of them are focused and happy. Some painters like to match music, and some painters need to confine themselves in a space to concentrate. Are you curious about what kind of animal you will get? Each animal's eyes are different and full of spirituality, the only thing is that they are very delicate and very charming. Collection and gifting are the most suitable gifts!


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