British old crown candle Crown Candle peach powder/dark beige two colors option 1 (about 100g)

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Made of natural wax, the bronze-colored old British crown adds different qualities to the candle. Because the color of each candle made by hand may be slightly different from the photo.


British old crown candle Crown Candle peach powder/dark beige two colors option 1 (about 100g)

商品説明 Made of natural wax, the bronze-colored old British crown adds different qualities to the candle. Because the color of each candle made by hand may be slightly different from the photo. To avoid smoke when burning, please trim the wick to about 0.5cm before lighting the candle before lighting it. (Before each burning, remember to arrange the length of the candle wick before lighting). Before lighting the candle, put your favorite plate or decoration under the wax beetle, It is easier to clean up the candle fluid that flows naturally. Candle size: about 3.5x15cm Candle weight: about 100g Choose from a variety of popular aromas 1 Satisfy every taste of fragrance Aroma selection: ◆ Eternity It is a fashionable fragrance that is not deliberately and refined. It is a popular fragrance suitable for men and women. Top: Bergamot Bergamot | Pineapple Pineapple | Aldehydic Accord Blending Aroma (Aldehyde) Middle: Lavender | Rosemary | Geranium Base: Cedar Cedar | Musk Musk | Moss Moss | Amber ◆ Pear and Freesia Freesia meets a sweet fruity fragrance, exuding a feminine scent and a faint floral fragrance. Top: Bergamot Bergamot | Lime | Pear Middle: Freesia Freesia | Rose Rose | Jasmine Base: Patchouly Patchouli | Amber | Musk Musk ◆ Natural Wind Walk slowly in the forest, accept the essence of the forest; let the sea breeze blow, absorb the breath of the ocean. Smell again and again is still fresh and elegant in nature. Top: Lemon | Ambrette Sunflower Musk | Bergamot Bergamot | Lime Lyme Middle: Sage Sage | Violet Violet | Fig Fig Base: Musk Cedarwood, Ambroxan ◆ Lime Basil The combination of the sweet and sour limes and the spicy aroma of basil makes the body, mind, and soul comfortable. Top: Blackcurrant | Mandarin Orange | Grapefruit Middle: Woody Accord Woody Chord | Lemon Blossoms Base: Patchouli Patchouli | Cedarwood Cedarwood ◆ Jasmine Jasmine, elegant with a somewhat exotic floral scent, refreshing. Top: Yacinth Hyacinth | Lilac Clove Middle: Jasmine Jasmine Base: Lily of the valley ◆ Rose Flower Injecting the faint rose scent and noble scent into the space also brings out a somewhat advanced atmosphere. Top: Green Notes | Lemon | Aldehydes Middle: Rose | Lily of the valley Base: Musk | Mineral Amber ◆ Angel The lively atmosphere, the sorrow and sweetness of youth, no matter who is familiar, the famous fragrance. Top: Lemon | Grapefruit | Orange Middle: Jasmine Jasmine | Lily of the valley Lily of the Valley | Patchouli Patchouli | Honey Base: Vanilla Vanilla | Sandalwood Sandalwood | Cedarwood Cedar | Patchouli Patchouli | Musk Huoxiang ◆ Sweet Heart Suitable for a romantic atmosphere, the lovely and charming fragrance fits well with the private space. Top: Lemon | Apple | Peach Middle: Cyclamen | Melon | Lily of the Valley Base: Rose Rose | Musk Musk | Vanilla Vanilla ◆ No.5 Like the popularity of mature women, with a touch of mature powder fragrance, it is still popular among women. Top: Aldehydes Aldehyde Fragrance | Bergamot Bergamot | Ylang Yilan Middle: Rose Rose | Jasmine | Lily of the valley Base: Musk | Amber | Wood ◆ Lavender The pure and stable fragrance of lavender is faintly surrounded, and it can emit the fragrance remotely and is the best companion for scented candles. Top: Bergamot Bergamot | Lemon Middle: Artemisia Mugwort | Lavender Lavender | Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Base: Cedarwood Cedar | Patchouli Patchouli ◆ Orange Juice Sweet orange juice brings the sun full of sour and sweet taste, a suitable aroma for both men and women. Top: Orange Middle: Mandarin Orange Base: Cooked Sugar ◆ Peach Peach Peach, sweet and sour taste, full of peach fragrance, is a fragrance that brings happiness. Top: Bergamot Bergamot | Peach Leaves | Blackcurrant | Pineapple Pineapple Middle: Peach水蜜桃 | Apple Apple | Coconut Base: Jasmine | Violet ◆ Lemon Verbena Lemon verbena with lemon scent in the leaves can feel the refreshing aroma of balanced lemon and mint. The natural lemon scent is like pure air, making the atmosphere more refreshing. Top: Green Lemon | Lime | Eucalyptus Middle: Verbena Verbena | Spearmint Mint Base: Limewood ◆ Bergamot Fruits At first, it gives people a sweet feeling, and slowly they will feel the fragrance of flowers and musk. A comfortable fragrance that perfectly combines sweet fruity and floral fragrances, leaving a faint aftertaste. Top: Bergamot Bergamot | Cut Grass Fresh Pasture | Pineapple Pineapple | Apple Apple Middle: Peach peach | Plum plum | Lily of the valley lily of the valley | Rose rose | Jasmine Base: Raspberry | Sandalwood | Musks ◆ Modern Neutrals The clean and fresh citrus fragrance series are modern fragrances suitable for men and women. A relaxed and casual atmosphere, an intimate fragrance that anyone wants to put around. Top: Bergamot Bergamot | Lemon Lemon | Mandarin Orange Middle: Jasmine Jasmine | Lily of the valley Lily of the Valley | Rose Rose | Orris Base: Cedar Cedar | Santalwood Sandalwood | Amber | Oakmoss Instructions for use: ◇ For the first use, please cut the candle wick below 0.5 cm (not too short) before lighting the candle. ◇ It is recommended to use a lighter or a match to light the candle. ◇ Please be careful not to leave the scene when the candle is burning. ◇ When extinguishing the candle, please immerse the candle wick in the wax liquid and then stand it up again, which will not produce black slag or smoke. ◇ Please do not blow out the candles by mouth. It is recommended to use candle extinguishers to extinguish the candles. ◇ Please trim the candle wick and cut off the black part before lighting the candle next time. ※ Note before placing an order Placing an order means agreeing and understanding the following instructions: Although the products in this store are normally sold, all products are made to order. In addition to receiving the defect of the product itself, it is not acceptable to request a return or exchange for factors such as dislike of fragrance. The essential oil raw materials we use are international fragrance products IFRA without plasticizers/preservatives/animal ingredients. Wax materials are all natural wax materials, which may affect the appearance of waxworm due to factors such as ambient temperature and humidity. It may also be because the candle will produce a beeping sound when it is lit after absorbing moisture. These are all normal phenomena, especially soy wax especially absorbs moisture. Therefore, each of our candles is hand-made according to the aroma selected by the customer after receiving the order, and we cannot accept returns or exchanges. In order to ensure the quality of each shipment, it is impossible to sell the returned goods to the next customer. Many customers ask whether our fragrance products can be used by pregnant women and children. Basically, there is no problem in using them. Because pregnant women are more sensitive to scents and worry about discomfort due to scents, we generally do not recommend using them! #Korea candles#韩式 candle#香香香香#手機裝#EXCHANGE GIFT#Graduation Gifts# Birthday Gift#香香#礼#冠婚纱#香香精油#居家#candle #theflowerroad


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