Dinosaur's birthday party handmade cotton six-layer yarn small round neck bib saliva towel

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The bottom of this cloth is actually very light and very light blue-green. It is deliberately matched with small dots on the green background to highlight various floral dinosaur patterns. It is a very refreshing and joyful bib XD Please specify the use of the small male treasure or the small female treasure. The double-gauze fabric of the base fabric can he


Dinosaur's birthday party handmade cotton six-layer yarn small round neck bib saliva towel


The dinosaurs are celebrating their birthday party. It's so grand~ There are balloons, cakes, and ribbons. It's super lively! Little babies who like dinosaurs, I should be very happy to see so many colorful dinosaur patterns XD And with a small round neck collar, it can be both formal and casual! The users are little babies, so the fabrics are made of pure cotton multi-yarn made in Japan and Korea or 100% cotton made in Korea, even the small round neck cloth flowers! Please feel free to buy. Goods are packaged carefully when they are shipped. If there is a need for gifts, please add extra gift box packaging costs. In response to environmental protection, there are no paper bags! /Material/ Bib collar cloth: 20 pieces of Korean cloth·100% cotton Bib table cloth: 20 pieces of Korean cloth·100% cotton Bib bottom fabric: Japanese double yarn·cotton 100% (specify small male treasure or small female treasure, random matching suitable color, cannot be specified) Bib lining: pure white double yarn 40 counts·100% cotton, 2 layers /size/ Bib and neck circumference: about 30~33cm /Origin/ All handmade in Taiwan ‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️Notes‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️ In order to reduce the time difference between back and forth communication will delay your precious time, please read the following instructions carefully, 🙇🏻‍♀️Thank you. 1️⃣The design, pattern making, and production are 100% hand-made, and the size will inevitably have an error value, please forgive me. 2️⃣Because it is all handmade, the thread or the small dislocation of the fabric is normal for the product, please do not compare and comment on the mechanized specifications! 3️⃣Because it is a custom-made product, the color or pattern of the cloth will be different for each piece due to different cutting positions, but it does not affect the quality, use and appearance of the product at all. 4️⃣Please use [cold water and neutral detergent or baby laundry detergent to wash gently by hand, hang in a cool place or lay it flat to dry naturally]. 5️⃣ Please observe [Do not bleach, do not heat, do not dry, do not dry clean], thank you! ⚠️⚠️⚠️Due to health concerns, unless the wrong product is sent, no return or exchange service will be provided, so please confirm before placing an order! 6️⃣The product screen photos will have color difference depending on each computer or mobile phone. The actual product has been taken under natural light as far as possible. Please refer to the actual product received. 7️⃣After placing an order and completing the remittance (based on the order of remittance), if there is stock, it will be shipped within 3 days (excluding weekly holidays). If there is no stock, it will take about 14 working days (excluding weekly holidays) to complete the shipment. 8️⃣The cloth color of the product can be customized and changed (with the cloth color appearing on the web page as the range), and you can communicate privately whether there is enough cloth to change the production. 📣💬The last thing I want to say is~ If you have any questions or questions after receiving the goods, please communicate and contact privately first, Xiaochatao will deal with it as soon as possible. Please do not leave a negative review before contacting the inquiry, Xiao Chatao will be very sad! After all, all the products are 100% hand-made and hand-made. I want everyone to experience the design works made by hand and leave a good trading experience with each other, so I also hope to maintain good customer interactions, thank you 🙇🏻 ‍♀️! Thank you for reading till the end 😊


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