Hand-made ~ meow cloisonne hairpin (silver bottom / Rose Agate)

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Hand-made ~ meow cloisonne hairpin (silver bottom / Rose Agate)


Designers Sui Suinian
Unable to resist the blue-to-market trafficking called cloisonne parts a lot, but really sophisticated and a true cloisonne production process is relatively rare, because the production process cumbersome, so the price is more expensive, but you pay for goods, cloisonne in addition to the cumbersome process steps, but also depends on the production of master of the craft, although the same as bluing production process, but some do it is to compare the color of death, compared with no sense of depth; these designers used accessories cloisonne, is more under excessive HomeShop after set, although the price is slightly more expensive than other stores, but regardless of color or gloss are the best, definitely worth !!

Hairpin can be made into a depth of about 9CM, crude copper rod about 2.5 ~ 3CM, hardness quite enough, no problem straight flaxen hair, hairpin body a little curvature, after more fitting hairpin-shaped head; Cloisonne accessories hairpin on the process for copper-nickel alloy plated sterling silver bluing porcelain, shiny vivid colors, decorated with beads are rosy red agate; because it is artificial color bluing, so each accessory cloisonne color may be a little difference; vertical decorated hook is active, You can select a position hang demolished or left on their own when the hairpin to wear.

Be sure to read the Notes purchased before buying, I can let you have a pleasant trading experience.

Main materials: copper-nickel alloy plated sterling silver bluing cloisonne, copper Motif (silver color), copper hairpin (plated white K), semi-precious stones (Rose agate, blue agate) and the like.

Purchase Notes:
1. All materials begin as the main link wire, plastic auxiliary, so inevitably there will be a gap between the back or make marks; color pictures and objects will try to close, but at times they will each display by lighting or some different Xu color.

2. Semi-precious stones or glass material may be used in this kind of small flaws, please understand that it is the unique natural materials are not perfect, and there may be a glass bubble dark spots exist, but definitely does not affect the overall results .

Please take pole urging 3. hairpin hairpin and use, do not place the pattern of force; comb plate first class mostly good hair and then plug for tacking.

4. The majority of the plane Motif designer has again sprayed lacquer as antioxidant (cylindrical, circular, chain, etc. are too small exceptions), but the metal-containing jewelry still do not take a bath or hot springs also, do not touch the water or chemicals (perfume), yet if accidentally stained, gently wipe with a dry cloth, wipe the gap may be less than the local file with a hair dryer cold wind blow, and when not in use, please set denial of air in a sealed bag to slow the rate of oxidation.

5. The hand-made things other than factory machinery production, can not be completely identical Folks, not the recipient, please do not order, Also, if you have any questions, be sure to contact the designer before the next one communication.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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