Hand-rolled paper stereo card _ Cherish LOVE - Tiffany Blue... Valentine card

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The creative roll paper blessing card conveys the full mood to the special you through the warmth and creative image of the hand:)



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Hand-rolled paper stereo card _ Cherish LOVE - Tiffany Blue... Valentine card


Hand Rolled Paper Stereo Card _ Cherish LOVE - Tiffany Blue
(lover card, father card, wedding card, universal card)

■ Size: approx. 14 * 10.3 cm
■ Material: art paper, colored diamonds, gold half beads, painted pen
■ Form: fold in half, page up and down, can write on the right side of the page, white card
■ Handmade envelope: light blue envelope
■ Change of cover text: The text can be customized. Please use English words as the main word.
The wording of this card is done in the form of a drill, so the price increase will be considered when there are a lot of words.
Please contact us for this part, thank you :)
■ Packing: transparent thick zipper chain bag, foam, cardboard, environmentally friendly packaging love the earth :)

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PS: Above, in case of uncertain factors, weather or sudden changes in the shipping process,
The delivery time will be delayed~ I am too much to understand this part:)


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