Elegant っ て Chicken Dog Dumets - Earrings (Ear / Ears)

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Elegant っ て Chicken Dog Dumets - Earrings (Ear / Ears)


🍊 Chai - earrings (ear / ear clip): $ 1280 🍊 Chibu - Bracelet (size can be customized): $ 1280 The "う ま く い く と い い ね! (Good luck)" 😌💞 Simple text, passing out full of blessings. The Behind the success often need to rely on their own hard work But warm blessing and refueling It is an indispensable part of the process The Take the Japanese line as a inspiration Chicken dog made of classic soy sauce dumpling Aftertaste the streets of Japan at the same time But also for everyone 's life into full of energy! The Dedicated to everyone who works hard on earth May the positive energy keep the heart Stubborn っ て !!! (ง • ω •) ง ✧ ✰ ҉҈҉҈҉҈ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ The Jewelry for handmade, to wait 7-10 working days If there is a special receipt needs, please before the order and design discussion Oh! 👶🏻✋🏻 The 🔵 ear ring firewood size: the most wide edge of the dog about 2.5-3cm / ear without ear / ear clip length = 6cm (refer to the actual wear map) 🔵 bracelet firewood size: about 4.5cm The ▲ bracelet size: ➲ 【XS】 --- → 13.5 ─ 14cm ➲ [S] --- → 14.5 ─ 15cm ➲ 【M】 --- → 15.5 ─ 16cm ➲ 【L】 --- → 16.5 ─ 17cm ➲ 【XL】 --- → 17.5 ─ 18cm The If you want special customer size, please inform you. The ▲ Size selection method: The ➲ will measure the tape around his wrist around the measurement, if there is no tape on hand You can use a thin line around the hand around a circle, and then flat with the ruler to know the size of the hand. The ➲ because each person wearing jewelry preferences are different, if you want to wear tight or loose a little bit You can also choose the desired size, before the checkout can be informed. The Each kind of jewelry will be attached to each other jewelry box + paper bag! If you have a special gift needs, you can choose to purchase upgraded version of the ribbon packaging! Each piece of jewelry + $ 50 package costs! The ► Jewelry care instructions ◄ The ▲ keep jewelry color / state of the method The ☑ can not be in the bath, swimming, hot springs, sleep wear, to avoid oxidation of the alloy fade. ☑ Do not stack the jewelry in order to avoid collision or scratching of the jewelry surface. ☑ You can put a small bag of desiccant in the jewelry storage box to avoid moisture. ☑ Avoid placing direct sunlight and dust, and use a sealed clip bag or a sealed box / jewelry box when not wearing it. ☑ Keep fit and worn cleanly wipes your wipes with an eyeglass cloth / soft cloth (due to the possibility of residual fragrance / lotion / sunscreen / sweat and other acidic substances). The ▲ Note: The ► jewelry may be due to the length of wear time, personal differences (ex: acidic) , And air and sweat in contact with the frequency of varying degrees of oxidation reaction, will directly affect the surface of the product. The #wakewakestudio # awake the studio # handmade # handmade # walory # port # # # # 4 # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Soy sauce dumpling Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade production


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