Graduation season / dry bouquet / Korean wrapping paper / Valentine's Day bouquet / graduation bouquet / birthday bouquet

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Graduation season / dry bouquet / Korean wrapping paper / Valentine's Day bouquet / graduation bouquet / birthday bouquet


【Product desciption】 ● The use of solar flowers / handmade flowers, flowers for the stars, stars, rabbit ears, fruits and other flowers. ● All dry flowers are used in dry materials. Drops are inevitable during shipping. Good flowers are properly packaged and delivered to your hands. ● Diameter size: The bouquet contains a package size of approximately 38*45 cm. ● The bouquet wrapping paper uses South Korea imported wrapping paper. ● Dry flowers are all hand-made works, each presented will not be exactly the same, the perfectionist orders please think twice ● Most of the dried flower materials are imported. If you encounter market shortage or poor quality of flower materials, the designer will match you with suitable flower materials. The overall pattern will not be changed without notice. Please think carefully before buying. . 【Remarks】 ● If you choose to purchase goods at a time of 48 hours, your work will be incomplete and the probability of damage will be high. Please think again before using the supermarket to pick up the goods. If you receive any damage to your work, you will be responsible for it. ● The shipping cost is estimated freight. The actual price is the amount when sending it. (Sometimes the designer also charges the shipping fee, please forgive each other.) The subscript expresses the consent of the designer to set the shipping charge. If you cannot agree, please do not place an order. And use this for refunds and returns. ● The works use primary color floral materials and do not use excessively bright floral materials to create works, maintaining the original posture and beauty of dried flowers. ● Before placing an order, you must check whether there is a spot. Hand-made work takes about 3-10 days, and large-scale work lasts for more than 7 days. If you want to dispatch urgently, you can ask the private news designer about the date. If you have any questions, you can contact the designer or the Facebook page. The designer will see the message as soon as possible to help you solve and answer questions. ● All the works are handmade and it is inevitable that there will be some errors. In order to ensure your rights and interests, please confirm in detail before ordering ● Discuss the custom colors with the designer before ordering. If not asked, sell the products randomly. 【Dried flower maintenance method】 ● Dry flowers are afraid of the sun, afraid of moisture, please put in a cool, ventilated place ● Dry flowers and inerdicated flowers can be kept for a long time. Due to personal care and environmental conditions, color fade, weathering, or falling flowers are all normal phenomena. ● If you have dust, please brush it with a soft brush, or blow it with a "cold wind" blower. 【Packing】 In order to respond to environmental protection, Haohua uses recycled cartons for packaging and does not use excessively exquisite packaging. All works are dry and natural materials. It is inevitable that some flower materials will be dropped during the delivery process. However, please do not worry. Before shipping, you will properly protect the fixed flowers and send the perfect works to your hands. 【Precautions】 Please read the above information in detail. Orders also accept and agree that the works are hand-made. Sending a refund for refunds that do not accept personal factors (not meeting expectations, size mismatch, etc.). If there is serious damage after receipt of the goods, please submit it within 2 days and take photos to contact us. According to the situation, we will give you the return and exchange. After coordination, please send in 5 days if you need to return or repair. In return, shipping costs must be borne by the buyer and no time will be accepted. Hand-made studios are not easy to manage. If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss and understand each other. Let us have a pleasant and beautiful transaction process. If you like our gift, please give us a positive review of 5 stars after receiving the product! These positive reviews are the driving force for creators to continue their efforts.


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