[Duo] wave yellow cypress PoDo Jojoba Soap "deep clean" hair care soap

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[Duo] wave yellow cypress PoDo Jojoba Soap "deep clean" hair care soap


【feature of product】 • "deep clean" hair care soap! • Dual gold and yellow cypress Huang Runze of jojoba, can nourish hair and soft skin, helps activate the skin and scalp, reach deep purifying effect of the SPA. A touch of natural cypress aroma and mild flu wash the body and mind is like a forest bath do like ease. • Soap-free foaming agent preservatives Dian Dian Dian dimethicone hardener Dian perfume and other chemical raw materials. • using SPA-grade vegetable oil soap skin care, natural process output glycerin, skin care products is an important raw material, has excellent moisturizing and nourishing effect, is the key to moist skin after washing supple! The main components: yellow cypress] Taiwan cypress known as "yellow cypress", "HINOKI", is a cypress. Growth in Taiwan's central mountains high altitude mountain, is endemic to Taiwan, its rich aroma is the main source of forest phytoncid. After distillation yellow cypress wood with pale yellow oil, the taste is heavy with the aroma of wood, can calm emotions, help soothe the skin, while producing some nourishment and protection. The main ingredients: cold pressed golden jojoba oil] "Golden jojoba oil cold" is a vegetable of the best, not only to protect the hair, but also increase hair shine, prevent breaking bifurcation; a gentle, pure texture, easily absorbed by the skin, but also has good moisture and repair protection effect. Product specifications • Ingredients: golden jojoba oil cold pressed, unrefined Australia walnut oil, brown rice oil, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, French green slime, yellow cypress oil • skin: neutral, oily skin • Uses: scalp, face, body cleansing • Weight: 100g ± 10g • Packaging: single input tray [Manner] Scalp care SOP ~ ~ ※ prone scalp oil (two-stage shampoo): a. wet scalp, scalp evenly take soap bubble, bubble scraping before the first flush, the initial hair rinse dirt. b. The second retake smear soap bubble scalp, hands and fingers and close back and forth to massage the scalp for about 3 to 5 minutes. c. before the first flush foam scraping, and then from the hair root to clean soap scum, hair tail hair should strengthen scum Clear! d. After washing the hair, due to open pores will produce dry sense (no dimethicone add), it is recommended to use the tail rinse. ※ dry itchy scalp (shampoo formula section): Use a moisturizing soap, according to step b start cleaning the scalp. ※ Note: shampoo soap is alkaline, avoid soap flows into the eyes, if accidentally strayed please flush with water. 【Precautions】 • natural ingredients made soap, because they do not add chemical hardener, so the softer texture of the product, do not long-term immersion in water. • Soap because they do not add preservatives and antimicrobial agents, while avoiding the need to store moisture, direct sunlight and high temperature hot environment. • Soap colors are all natural materials are formed, non-chemical pigment, so the color will gradually fades as the storage time, does not affect product quality. • the whole hand-made, it can not very smooth or little chipping and cutting appearance, weight size is also slightly different, you need to actually ship-based. • soap for personal expendable supplies, once opened use, I am afraid can not be returned. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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