Handmade rabbit ears bow hair circle / hair bundle - happy day

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Handmade rabbit ears bow hair circle / hair bundle - happy day


**★ ★ color story** Daily practical life, will find that life has a lot of surprise small spark, These small spark accumulate, it will become a daily happiness. **★ hit color rabbit ears bow hair ring ★** Ears rabbit ears bow hit the color stitching show different colors, but the shape of the wire is not installed or a good look! Size is not too large, for want cute cute dress but a little shy girl ^^ Children hair less, more tied to the same circle can be used Oh! **★ ★ Material** Chintz **★ Size ★** / Rabbit ears about 6 cm x2.5 cm / Elastic rope circumference of about 14 cm, and can be tied twice or three times **★ ★ recommend hairstyle** / Mawei /Double tail /braid **★ ★ Phancy's packing card** Each hair ring will attach Phancy's well-designed gold foil packaging card hopes Phancy's words u can bring confidence and good mood. Also be used as a gift, with her micro confession! https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5462/30755299226_bfbd0338a8_c.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5627/30490839410_19fed78cce_c.jpg **★ Note ★** / Each hair band to capture part is not the same, so each item will be somewhat different pattern oh / Each screen Jie color, please re-considered orders ^ 0 ^ **★ ★ maintenance mode** If hair ring is dirty, gently rub the surface with a cloth after laundering it dry, and then placed in the shade until it is completely dry. **★ ★ Phancy's stick** **/ Selection of good material, good-looking girls worth using durable jewelry.** In addition to hair tied up nice ring, the most important thing is elastic! All of a sudden there is no fear to use elastic hair circle! Responding to this, Phancy's hair band used was specially selected before, elasticity and durability are better elastic rope, each one marked with a solid knot hand, will not have broken loose issues. **/ Size customized service, the amount of hair to be let Ni Hao use.** Phany's hair band through numerous experiments, the amount of fat in general use more no problem. More or less the amount of fat girls can talk to our discussion for tightness! **/ Service** If you buy a home only to find substandard size, Phancy's provides a free service to modify, after all, is to use a hair band to buy! If I want to change a long elastic rope to be a free-for rope! (Phancy's burden for you once again to send the shipping, but modified for return freight charges must be borne by You) https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8830/28201194821_ba709cbb04_b.jpg Fancy You. Beautiful you, dream of you, more like u. After getting up, going out, looking in the mirror tied Phancy's hair circle, say for herself in the mirror magic spell: "! Fancy you like u!" https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7370/28201275381_33850a0ebd_b.jpg Hair ring market is very much a single color, we want to give u little more. Phancy's main series hair ring rests with each one personally by the designer themes, selection of hand-stitching two fabrics production; One more color may represent an alternative, may give u some more good mood, may give u more of a self-confidence. Phancy's more like u want u own. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan. Taiwan manual carefully executed.


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