New Year's blessing bag canvas small bucket bag + coin purse girlfriend girlfriends exchange gift packaging

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The limited-time discount blessing bag contains two items, "small bucket bag" and "coin purse", which are very suitable for pairing or use alone. A variety of rich colors can be freely selected. There are also small gifts unique to luck


New Year's blessing bag canvas small bucket bag + coin purse girlfriend girlfriends exchange gift packaging

商品説明 ………… ✧ ………… ✧ ………… ✧ ………… **New Year Renewal Event**🎋🎋 ⭐️**Free New Year Gift Wrapping** See details ➔ ⭐️**now to January 31, you will receive one red envelope bag** Year of the Rat Red Packet 88x180mm ⭐️**Can redeem limited designer collaboration products** See details ➔ ………… ✧ ………… ✧ ………… ✧ ………… **Lucky Bag-Small Bucket Bag + Coin Purse** **This lucky bag contains** **A: Small GRACE Classic Drawstring Bucket Bag** **B: Small EASE coin purse** **C: A lucky bag embroidered sticky gift** **A: Small GRACE classic drawstring bucket bag** This re-thought-out mini bucket bag has an exquisite and pleasant appearance, while retaining a lot of storage space. The fun and vibrant contrasting design can be the finishing touch. The ultra-light bag weight is specially prepared to reduce travel. It must be light and not cumbersome, and it must be eye-catching and not vulgar, that is it! **/ PRODUCT DETAIL /** **/ SIZE DETAIL /** **The bag can hold:** Personal makeup, skincare and hygiene products such as iPad Mini 4, short wallet, iPhone X, notepad, Kindle, sunscreen / hand cream **/ COLOR DETAIL /** The following is the color contrast between the original color canvas and ordinary printing paper. The original canvas is not snow white, slightly beige, I hope to help you when choosing colors. **See more detailed item details:** **B: Small EASE coin storage bag** It looks small and refined, but has a capacity that cannot be underestimated. It can be easily incorporated into banknotes, coins, bank cards and other essential items. The detailed design elements of color-blocking and hand-handling have both unique appearance and practical functions. **/ PRODUCT DETAIL /** **/ SIZE DETAIL /** **The bag can hold:** Folded banknotes, coins, bank cards, sticky notes / bills, handkerchiefs, data cables, and other shredded everyday items. **/ COLOR DETAIL /** **See more detailed item details:** **C: Special gift for lucky bag** Cafe series embroidery sticker Random styles, there are special designations to leave a message ~ Made of high-quality embroidery thread, just as convenient as ordinary paper stickers, Can stick well to smooth and flat materials. ● The adhesive for embroidery stickers is acrylic adhesive. After tearing off the backing paper, it can be directly adhered to the bag or the smooth and flat material surface. ● It can be reinforced by ironing (about 150 seconds at about 150 ℃). ● It is recommended to cover a piece of cotton cloth on the embroidered surface before ironing. ● It is not recommended to tear it off repeatedly. ● It is not recommended to stick to items that are frequently washed. ● If you have any other questions, please contact us. friendly reminder: 1- Cameras, different ambient light, and other objective reasons will cause the colors of the picture and the object to be completely inconsistent, and it cannot be ruled out that the images displayed on different monitors are exactly the same color. However, we will do our best to reduce the color difference to the minimum to ensure that each customer can intuitively understand the appearance characteristics of the product and perform most realistically :) 2- handmade, manual measurement of the size, there will be a slight deviation, please forgive me :) Origin / manufacturing methods Shanghai small amount sewing