Crossing the Chinese line book class

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Experience the production of a Chinese-style wire-bound book, a finished product of 13*18 cm.
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Crossing the Chinese line book class


Yigu Yijin's craftsmanship, the far-reaching skills attract the eyes of modern people, understand the beauty of wire-bound books, understand the charm of handmade books, and return to the past together in this space, connecting hands-written time. Will lead you to understand the wire-bound book, know the binding skills, then you can start making a book of your own, from the cover to the book sewing is done by yourself, and then slowly into your story and memories! 【Activity Information】 ·time: **2019/01/09 (3) 18:00-20:00, weekday class** **2019/01/12 (six) 15:00-17:00, holiday class** ・Location:**Donghai Coffee**(1 Rixin Street, Miaoli City) ・Contents: Chinese-style wire-bound book, one product of 13*18 cm (photo is for reference only) ・Number of people: 6 people full class ・Cost: NT$680, NT$1300 for 2 people (including one material, lecturer fee, venue tea) ・Including: fabric, cardboard, art paper, Daolin paper, stitching, positioning ruler ・On-site tools: brushes, white glue, scissors, pills, rubber sheets, rafts, awl, needles, rulers, waste paper (The tool will be returned after use, please do not bring it back. If you need to purchase tools, please use the station letter in advance to inform) ・Recommended tools: pencil, scissors, utility knife, ruler, cutting mat ·traffic: Take the Hsinchu passenger transport to Nanmiao Terminal, or take Miaoli passengers and get off at Nanmiao Terminal. Follow Zhongzheng Road to Tianhou Temple and see Lierfu turn right, next to the Toyo Etiquette, and the opposite side of the glasses. Use google map to locate, please find "Miaoli City Donghai Coffee" or "Miaoli City Rixin Street 2" so that you can find the right place. There is no correct location on the google map above "Minami City Rixin Street No. 1". 【Precautions】 ・If you need to reschedule, please refund your ticket and purchase the ticket. ・Restricted ticket purchasers are involved. Those who have not purchased tickets may not accompany the admission and participate. ・Admission is open 10 minutes before the event. In order to make the experience go smoothly, please be careful not to be late. If you are late for more than 30 minutes, you will not be able to enter the venue and you will not be refunded. ・Follow the rules of the venue and cooperate with the instructions of the on-site lecturer. If there is any violation, it will be responsible. [Notes on ticket purchase] ・Note description Single ticket NT$ 680 Double ticket NT$ 1300 ・Selling rules . If the ticket is refunded due to personal factors of the consumer, a 20% handling fee will be charged. . If due to force majeure such as natural disasters, the organizer will contact the extension or refund. . If the participation is suspended due to factors other than the organizer, no refund will be given. . If the class is suspended due to force majeure such as natural disasters, the organizer will contact the extension or refund. In the event of a typhoon, the standard of the suspension class announced by the venue of the event is the starting and refunding standards, and the location of the participants is not considered. . The event will be recorded and recorded by the organizer as required. Participants will be deemed to authorize the organizer to use photos and videos containing your portraits for event records or other admissions channels. [course experience] ・2017 Eden Branch, Great Lakes Family Support Service Center, Little Locust Parent-Child Museum ・2017 Miaoli Home Coffee | Handmade Book Workshop ・2017 And by tan&luciana | VIP Event Day Course Lecturer ・2017 Department of Taiwanese Literature, Jingyi University | Book makeup bookbinding workshop ・2018 Department of Taiwanese Literature, Jingyi University | The second mission of book makeup ・2018 Yiqi Feixiang Chuangke Base | Handmade Line Book Course